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McAfee Anti-virus Software

All Roosevelt computers come with McAfee Anti-virus. The program is configured to automatically check for updates to the McAfee engine and to scan your computer once a week. Additionally, the On Access Scan is configured to automatically scan files as they are added to your computer. You shouldn't need to change any of these settings.

To check to see if McAfee's configuration has changed, open the Virus Scan Console (found by clicking Start | All Programs | Network Associates | Virus Scan Console). It will look similar to the window below:

The On-Access Scanner should be set to "Enabled"

The Scan All Fixed Disks should show a status of "Weekly" or "Daily". If "Not Scheduled" is displayed, you should double-click on it and set up a schedule for scanning.

The AutoUpdate status should be "Daily, ..." If it isn't, double-click on it and change its schedule.

If you need help configuring McAfee, please contact the Help Desk, 312-341-6460.