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GreenPrint User Guide

Definition of Terms

  • GreenPrint is Roosevelt's general name for the fee-based printing system used in public computing areas.
  • We use the wall-mounted autoloader to purchase a print/copy card and to add value to an existing card. There are autoloaders at all three campus locations.
  • The release station is a dedicated computer near the printer in each lab and each computer classroom that processes print requests.
  • Each credit-card sized GreenPrint card has a unique account number. That account number tracks the card's value, as stored on a secure server.

Step 1. Purchase or add value to a GreenPrint card

  • Purchase or use a card at one of the labs equipped with an autoloader. These cards can be purchased and recharged with cash (bills only, no coins).
  • If you don't already have a card, press the Finish button and insert a dollar into the autoloader to purchase a new card. The card you receive will have $.50 worth of value applied to it. NOTE: The machine does not give change, so if you put more than a dollar into the machine it will add the extra value to your card. However, you must swipe the card after you receive it to add value. If you fail to swipe the card the extra value is lost!
  • To add value to an existing card, first swipe the card. The system tells you how much value is currently associated with that card. Then insert one or more bills in the cash reader to add value. Press the Finish button when you're done.

Step 2. Submit your print job from a workstation

Follow these steps to initiate a print job from a lab or classroom workstation.

  1. Use the print function of your software as you ordinarily would. At some locations, you may choose between single-sided and double-sided printing, and if a color printer is available you can select that option as well. Your document does not print immediately, but is saved for you at the release station. You can queue up as many documents as you wish there, and print when you're ready.
  2. When you submit your document to be printed, a pop-up window shows you the number of pages in your job and how much it will cost to print. The cost depends on the options you selected: two-sided printing (the default at most locations) is $0.08 per page or $0.16 for a two sided sheet. Single-sided prints are $0.10 per page, and color prints are $0.50 each. If you decide not to print the document you can cancel at this point.
  3. To continue with the print job, enter a name or ID in the box provided. Note that this is not the name of your document, but a temporary name that you will  use when you're ready to print the document (Mac users see below). Pick something unique (a good choice is your myMail ID). Again, you can send as many jobs as you want to the release station under the same name and then print them all at once.

Mac users: You are not asked to provide an ID on the Macintosh machines. Instead, the document is identified by the same name used to log into the computer when it was started.

Step 3. Process your print job at the release station.

  1. After sending one or more documents from the workstation, go to the release station and enter the document(s) name or ID. On the next screen you'll see a list of all the jobs submitted under that name. You will not see anyone else's documents, and no one else will see yours. NOTE: documents are retained on the release station for one hour, then deleted.
  2. Using the checkboxes, select the jobs that you want to print. Check the box at the top of the column to print them all. If you decide not to print a document, you can delete it from the list, or just leave it there -- abandoned jobs are automatically deleted from the system.
  3. When you've selected your documents, click the "Print" icon. The system prompts you to swipe your card through the card reader. If the reader is missing or does not work, you can enter the account number associated with your card in the space provided.
  4. The system displays the cost of the job, the value on the card, and the account balance once the job has printed. This is your last chance to cancel the job. If you're ready to print, click OK.
  5. Log out of the program and retrieve your documents from the printer. (If you fail to log out, the system times out by itself).