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GreenPrint is a card-based “pay-for-print” system in the student computing labs, libraries, and classrooms. Any user that wishes to print a document in a lab that has GreenPrint must pay for each print job.  When printing in a GreenPrint lab or classroom, the document is held temporarily on a nearby computer known as the  "release station" for print jobs in that location. All the print jobs destined for that room's printer are queued on the release station. Users know which job is theirs because the system asks the print job owner to add an identifying tag when the job is sent. To print your document you simply take your copy card to the release station, select your document, and swipe your card. Once your card has been swiped, the total dollar amount due for the print job is deducted from the card balance and the job is released to the printer.


GreenPrint is for any student, faculty or staff member that prints in one of the designated GreenPrint labs or classrooms. View a complete list of labs with GreenPrint.


Cards for use at the print release stations are available from vending machines (autoloaders) at each campus location. You can use cash or standard credit/debit cards to purchase a card, or if you already have a card you can use these machines to add value to it.  View a complete list of vending machines.


The cost for single-sided printing is $0.10 per page. Two-sided (duplex) printing is available at many locations at a cost of $0.08 per page, or $0.16 for a two-sided sheet. Color printing, available at the Auditorium and Schaumburg libraries, is $0.50 per page. Cards can be purchased for one dollar, half of which is the cost of the card itself and the other half of which is applied as initial value to the card. Departments can fill out a form online to order GreenPrint Cards through the ITS office.


If the printer is not functioning properly the release station will not process the print job and the copies will not be charged to your card. Occasionally however, your job may fail after you have scanned your card and the file leaves the release station (possible problems include printer jams or insufficient toner). In these cases, you can submit a request for a refund by calling the Help Desk, at 312-341-4357. Refunds take the form of credit added to your card. Refunds are not provided for issues controlled by the user, such as blank pages at the end of documents.


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