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Academic Technology Solutions Service Policies

Academic Technology Solutions provides audiovisual and digital media support for both instructional and administrative events. All requests for equipment and service must be in writing using Academic Technology Solutions Request Forms. Please submit a separate form for each class you teach, or each event for which you're requesting service. View forms.

Please note that many Roosevelt classrooms have been updated with built-in data projection and media playback equipment. A number of these rooms are configured without computers, but laptops can easily be connected to the built-in equipment for full network and projection capabilities. No equipment reservation is required for instructors bringing in their own laptops.  A complete list of technology-enhanced classrooms is available on the  Technology by room page.

General Policies

  • Please submit your request at least five working days in advance so that Academic Technology Solutions staff can plan for the necessary equipment and staff support. This is particularly important for events that require the assistance of specially trained operators, involve the use of PA systems, include audio or video recording, occur outside of regular business hours, or require the use of any equipment other than standard classroom technology. Academic Technology Solutions will not be able to guarantee support for requests that are received with less than five days notice.

  • All classroom related requests must be made by or authorized by the instructor. The instructor is responsible for equipment and materials until they are returned to Academic Technology Solutions. If equipment is picked up by a student, the deposit of their valid I.D. card is required. The I.D. is returned only upon return of equipment. The user is responsible for damage.

  • Support of non-classroom internal events, such as meetings, conferences, information sessions, institute activities, parties, etc.) usually involves chargebacks for personnel and materials. Events held by outside organizations at Roosevelt are charged for equipment rental as well as personnel and materials. See below for details.

  • Academic Technology Solutions keeps in stock, but does not routinely deliver smaller items such as laptops, speakerphones and simple audio equipment. Organizers of events needing that type of equipment may in some cases be asked to pick the items up from their local Academic Technology Solutions office and return them at the end of the event. Academic Technology Solutions technical staff will provide training in the use of equipment checked out directly from the office.

  • Basic operation of equipment provided to instructors for regular use in the classroom will be the responsibility of the instructor. Upon first use of that equipment an Academic Technology Solutions staff member will provide to the instructor an orientation on the use of the technology in that classroom. Our goal is to assist instructors in becoming self-sufficient in the normal use of classroom technology. Technical staff will always be on call to provide additional technical support as needed. It is recommended that you schedule any necessary training a few days before your scheduled class/event to ensure training resources are available.

  • Requests for the regular assignment of computer classrooms are evaluated and processed by the Office of the Registrar well in advance of the semester. Instructors should submit those requests through their department chairs or deans. Special-use requests for computer classrooms during the semester will be considered on a space-available basis. Use the computer classroom request form for this purpose.

  • All equipment managed by the Academic Technology Solutions office must remain on campus except with the advance approval of the AVP for Academic Technology Solutions. Academic Technology Solutions does not deliver equipment off-site.

  • Academic Technology Solutions services are available only when the university is officially open.

Videoconferencing Procedures

Roosevelt provides videoconferencing services for both academic and administrative use. The following policies apply to this service.

  • Regularly scheduled for-credit classes have top priority for use of the videoconferencing rooms. Room requests for classes come through the Registrar's office.
  • All requests for video conference meetings must be submitted through the online videoconferencing request form.
  • Simple videoconferencing sessions may be run without an operator on duty except when special technical support is required. When operators are not present technical assistance will available from the local Academic Technology Solutions office.
  • Schaumburg Academic Technology Solutions (847) 619-8601
  • Auditorium Academic Technology Solutions (312) 341-3650
  • Gage Academic Technology Solutions (312) 281-3201
  • The Academic Technology Solutions office must be notified at least 24 hours in advance if a scheduled videoconferencing event is cancelled. Departments that fail to notify Academic Technology Solutions of a cancellation are subject to a $50 charge for incurred expenses.