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Video Conference Procedures

Access to the Roosevelt University videoconferencing facilities is prioritized according to the type of use. The following areas of activity are supported:

  • Credit courses for graduate and undergraduate degrees 
  • Non-credit, off-site and experimental programs, seminars and workshops 
  • Faculty/student consultation 
  • Special conferences, administrative meetings and other information-based uses

Facilities will not be scheduled for off-line (non-video conference) use.


Roosevelt University has 6 video conference facilities: 

  • Auditorium 309, seats 28
  • Wabash 1021, seats 12
  • Gage 407, seats 24
  • Schaumburg 311, seats 18
  • Schaumburg 614, seats 28
  • Pharmacy Conference Room, seats 12 (scheduled by Pharmacy) 

Programming Priorities

Priority 1: Internal credit classes utilizing either inter-campus or external site connectivity. University Senate meetings. 
Priority 2: Internal administrative meetings, conferences, etc. 
Priority 3: Programming by private organizations/companies or other outside organizations in collaboration with Roosevelt University that doesn't conflict with internal programming. Please note that chargebacks will be applicable to this type of programming.

Scheduling Procedures

All regularly scheduled classes that will operate between or among campus sites are handled through the regular class scheduling process. These classes will be given top priority. The colleges work together in conjunction with the scheduling office to resolve any class scheduling conflicts. Academic Technology Solutions receives this schedule through the Scheduling Office. Please do not request video conference dates for regularly scheduled classes via the Video Conference online form.

Requests for other kinds of video conferences, administrative meetings, single session classes etc., will be considered on the basis of scheduling priorities and available time and resources. Requests should be submitted via the online form to Academic Technology Solutions at least 7 business days prior to the date of the video conference. Approvals are completed one semester at a time after classes are scheduled. 
The online Videoconferencing Request Form is used for all requests and should be submitted at least 7 working days in advance. Information on room availability is published on the Videoconferencing Calendar page. All approved requests will appear on the Videoconferencing Calendar.

Phone or verbal requests are not accepted.

Operational Procedures

Trained technical staff will be available at both the originating and receiving sites for the duration of class. Their responsibilities will include:

  • Turning on, setting-up and testing the equipment at least 30 minutes before the scheduled beginning of the class or event. They will also be required to close connections and shut the equipment down when the event is over.
  • Either operating or providing instruction on the operation of the equipment for the faculty member or user. They will also troubleshoot common problems.
  • Opening and closing the room and supervising the room's security. Video conference rooms will not be left open and unattended.

A technician will turn on the equipment and remain until the meetings are started. The Technician will not remain in the video conference room during meetings unless requested ahead of time.

All users are encouraged to have their materials and presentations prepared in advance. Academic Technology Solutions staff is available for assistance if requested prior to the scheduled video conference day.

Please notify the Academic Technology Solutions office 24 hours in advance if class or event is cancelled. Lack of notification may result in a $50 charge for incurred expenses.

[Rev.  Nov 25,  2013]