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Eno Board Drivers and Information

PolyVision Eno board driver may be found at .

Choose the following for:

  • Filter by product:  Eno classic
  • Filter by type:  Drivers
  • Filter by Operating System:  Choose either MAC or Windows
  • Filter by Language:  Select English

Choose the most recent driver by date.

Then click Run.  The driver will download in just a couple of minutes.

You may receive a security notice, click run and the installation will begin

Within a couple of minutes you should get a PolyVision driver installation screen.  Click continue and then accept the terms of the license agreement, click continue.  Next only a checkmark in eno is needed.  Uncheck any other boxes if needed.  Click install.  This begins the copying of files to your computer.  At the conclusion of the install a reboot is necessary.  If the firewall notice displays on your screen be sure a checkmark is in the top box (Domain networks) and click allow access.

You have now installed the PolyVision Drivers.

If you need assistance, please contact Academic Technology Solutions at 312-341-3650 to make an appointment for help.


[revised 1/2014]