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Office Walk-throughs for E911 Service (5/2/2014)

Starting on Tuesday, May 6, Information Technology Services will be conducting walk-throughs of all campus offices in conjunction with the E-911 Emergency Compliance project. This project will result in a more efficient and automated enhanced 911 (E911) system for telephones that improves emergency preparedness and keeps us compliant with Federal Communications Commission  mandates.
We may need to briefly interrupt your work to test and trace the telephone jacks. In the Auditorium Building and the Schaumburg campus this will also mean a brief interruption of your computer work as the computer is connected to the network via the telephone. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
More information can be found here:

Internet Explorer Security Issue (4/30/2014)

As you may have heard, there is currently a security issue that affects Internet Explorer. Using vulnerabilities within Adobe Flash and how it interacts with Internet Explorer, there is a potential for attackers to gain access to a computer. Typically, the attack would take place when a user would click on a link (often in an email attachment) that directs the browser to a malicious web page.

While we have not seen evidence of this actually occurring, it is important that you’re aware of the possibility. Microsoft is currently working on a patch to fix the issue but there is no release date known for this patch. 

There are some systems at Roosevelt that either require Internet Explorer or work/display best in IE (e.g., Banner, Argos, BDMS, TimeTech) and you may know of some other sites or systems that work best in IE. For other uses, though, including Web browsing, we recommend using an alternate browser such as Firefox until a patch is released to fix the IE issue. Additionally, be extra careful when opening attachments and clicking links to unknown sites.

You can install Firefox at It’s important to note that the security environment is ever changing and the use of a browser other than Internet Explorer does not automatically protect you from every threat. All browsers are constantly needing to be updated to respond to the latest security vulnerabilities. So, regardless of the browser you use, it’s important to keep it up to date and install the updates as they come out. 

If you need assistance in installing Firefox, please contact the Service Desk at 312-341-4357.

Software Requests for Summer and Fall (4/16/2014)

To ensure that the computers in the classrooms and labs meet the need of all faculty members in support of their teaching, we’re asking that you submit a list of any special software you need to have installed on the computers. Please submit this by April 30, 2014.

Standard software installed on all computers include Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, so there is no need to request those. For other software, please use the form below to submit your requests.

Even if special software is already on the computers in the room you use, it’s still a good idea to use this form to let us know what you need. If you have new software that has never been installed, it needs to be tested to ensure it will work like you plan (testing should also be done prior to any purchase). Additionally, all software installed at Roosevelt must comply with all licensing and copyright restrictions. Please contact Dayne Agnew to arrange a meeting so that the software and installation requirements can be reviewed.

Software Request Form:

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