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Employee Insurance Benefits for Married Same-Gender Couples

The IRS has issued a new ruling that effective 9/16/13, couples who are legally married (in any state) will be considered as married in Illinois for federal tax purposes. This immediately affects enrollment in health, dental and vision insurance for eligible Roosevelt employees.

Previously, a portion of the health, dental and vision contribution was taxable for same-gender spouses. Now same-gender married couples are eligible for the same pre-tax contributions as any married couple. Additional information is available via the links below.


Roosevelt HR Answers to FAQ’s for Married Same-Gender Couples  



I am part of a married same-gender couple.  What does this change mean for me?

Until now, the University was only permitted by the IRS to provide pre-tax deductions for the employee.  The premium for the same-gender married spouse was considered taxable.  Now, your full deduction will be taken on a pre-tax basis.

I’m already married to my same-gender spouse. What should I do to change my enrollment?

Contact Clara Gong to change your status from partner to spouse (if currently enrolled) or to add your spouse.


When can I add my same-gender spouse to health, dental or vision coverage?

If you are legally married to your same-gender spouse, there will be a special enrollment period 9/16/13 -10/8/13 to enable you to add your spouse to your health, dental and/or vision coverage. Otherwise, changes may be made annually in April for the plan year beginning May 1.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact Clara Gong, Office of Human Resources (312-341-4332).