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Bi-weekly Time Sheets & Pay Period Calendars

Bi-weekly Pay Period Calendars

2013 Calendar    -    2013 Pay Period Dates

2014 Calendar    -    2014 Pay Period Dates

Electronic Bi-weekly Time Sheets

All hourly (non-exempt) employees, including student workers, are to record hours worked on an electronic timesheet using either RU Access or i-Browse depending on classification. The use of paper timesheets is for the exceptional situation where the hourly employee could not enter the time prior to the bi-weekly deadline.  This is usually due to sickness or family emergency.  Pay from paper timesheets may be delayed.

  • Payroll will only process a paper timesheet for a hourly employees (including students) twice in one semester that will be paid in the current pay period.  The third submission of a paper timesheet will result in that timesheet being processed the next pay period. 
  • Employees can request a timesheet from the Payroll Office in person (AUD 802) or access one here.  When submitting the time sheet, the employee must sign an exception acknowledgement. 

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