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Roosevelt University Organizational Charts

The organizational charts available below include the structure of staff at Roosevelt University as of the date stated in the title of the document. The org charts include employees with the primary function of staff, academic department chairs, and faculty positions where needed to maintain complete staffing structure. Other faculty reside within their respective colleges, but will not appear on the published org charts.  To find specific faculty and staff, also see the Faculty and Staff Directory.  Org chart data is sourced directly from Banner.

Viewing the Org Charts - INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY

  1. View the Roosevelt University Organizational Charts.

  2. The browser should prompt you to install the OrgPlus Viewer plug-in the first time. If it doesn't, please install the plug-in to view the organizational chart.

  3. Within the OrgPlus viewer, select a division/department from the Groups drop-down to view various areas of the University.

The charts are interactive and allow you to zoom in and out, collapse and expand branches, search by keyword, view the hierarchy tree, and print the desired view.

The boxes on the chart include:

  • Title
  • Position Number
  • Employee Classification Code
  • Campus
  • Department (based on Banner org code)
  • Employee Name (or VACANT, whereby the box will be grayed out)