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Building Initiative

It's all about efficiency

Roosevelt University’s existing and new buildings are held to internationally-recognized LEED™ standards which are superior to those established by local Chicago and suburban building codes.

Two campus buildings are LEED certified in downtown Chicago near Michigan Avenue and Millennium Park: a new Wabash “vertical campus” earned LEED gold and the new Goodman Center Fieldhouse earned LEED silver.

LEED Gold: Wabash campusWabash Building

This new 32-story state-of-the-art skyscraper, the ninth largest University building in the world, earned gold LEED certification in 2012.

  • 53.9% of power is generated by renewable sources campus-wide

  • "Daylighting" on three sides reduces energy usage and improves learning, achievement and productivity

  • Occupancy sensors turn lights off when rooms are not in use

  • Heating and air conditioning systems perform 25% better than ASHRAE standards

  • Nearly 8,000 square feet of green roof on 5 floors reduces the City’s heat island effect and allows for a rooftop urban garden used to feed residents

  • Advanced building recycling system on every floor automatically sorts trash and self-cleans

  • Food pulper system utilizes recycled grey water and reduces solid food waste by approximately 80%--and is composted for soil used in the Schaumburg campus Community Garden

  • Low-flow plumbing and aerators conserve water at about 20% below City of Chicago code 

  • Alternative transportation: indoor bike parking provides for safe storage, easy access and showers for riders

  • Mattresses are recycled by replacing pillow top covers and underlayment, reducing mattress waste to landfills 

  • Construction:

    - more than 20% of materials contain recycled content and most were sourced within 500 miles from the University

    - all wood products were sourced from FSC which buys products only from foresters who replant trees which have been cut

    - façade built with "visual noise" to protect birds from building collisions

    - carpets made from 60% recycled plastic containers

  • Non-toxic , low VOC (volatile organic compound) materials were used to paint, adhere, seal and carpet the building, improving indoor air quality

LEED Silver: Goodman CenterGoodman Center Rendering

The Goodman Center seats 500 spectators and is 27,834 square feet.

  • 70% of power used is generated by renewable sources

  • Utilizes CFL lighting

  • 18% energy savings beyond those prescribed by ASHRAE

  • 30% reduction in potable water consumption

  • 3,500 square foot green roof with native plants