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Environmental Sustainability Committee

(including the Tree Subcommittee)

Bill Bedrossian

Bill Bedrossian
Registered Landscape Architect/Owner, Bedrock Earthscapes, LLC

Bill Bedrossian is the owner of Bedrock Earthscapes, a native landscape company focused on enriching life through improving the environment.  Bill guided the University in the transformation of Roosevelt’s Schaumburg campus from traditional corporate land use into a highly sustainable landscape including conversion of 8.5 acres of turf into native prairies and bio-swales, native grass parking lot islands, structured native plant ornamental beds, native trees, a rain garden and the establishment of a community garden.

Bill consults nationally with colleges and universities on how to convert their traditional landscapes to more sustainable earthscapes.  He also establishes, restores and stewards prairies, woodlands and wetlands locally. 

Bill has over 40 years of experience in landscape design and maintenance, grounds management and facility management.  His undergraduate degree is in Plant Sciences, and he has a Master of Science degree in Management. 

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen
Associate Dean of the Division of Professional Arts & Sciences
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Steve Cohen has been a member of the faculty of the department of Mathematics & Actuarial Science for 23 years and has acted as a member of the Environmental Sustainability Committee since its inception and is one of the founding members of the RUrbanPioneers Community Garden.  Cohen is a long-time supporter of prairie establishments at the Schaumburg campus.

Cohen’s interests include abstract algebra, math history, and teacher preparation.  He’s held various administrative posts at the University including Director of the School of Science & Mathematics from 2000-2003 & 2004-2005, Acting Dean of the College 2003-2004, chairman of Mathematics & Actuarial science 2005-2009 & Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences 2008-present.
Shaun Keating

Shaun Keating
Director of Enrollment and Student Services, College of Pharmacy

Shaun has nearly 10 years of combined administrative and teaching experience.  He has both taught and worked at Harper College, North Central College, and here at Roosevelt. Working in the College of Pharmacy has offered him the unique opportunity to work within the University's newest College recruiting new students and working with current students.

Shaun has been planting and growing stuff in the ground since he was a little boy.  He credits his mother and grandmother for instilling a love of gardening and growing vegetables. Today, Shaun’s 3 year old son inspires him to grow healthy natural food for his family. One of the founding members of Roosevelt’s RUrbanPioneers Community Garden, Shaun is a prolific organic farmer, providing fresh veggies for his family, friends, and food pantries. Growing for Shaun is a stress relief, in fact he says “it's almost ZEN!”

Vicky McKinley

Vicky McKinley
Professor of Biology
Chair of Department of Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences

Vicky McKinley has been an advocate for environmental and sustainability awareness at the university since 1987 and has served on the Environmental Sustainability Committee for many years. Dr. McKinley lobbied for various initiatives which eventually succeeded: to save mature trees during construction and conversion of the retention basin to allow native plants and wildlife habitat to thrive, indoor bicycle parking and pursuit of LEED status.

Under Vicky’s guidance, several courtyards were converted by students to prairie gardens that are used for teaching biology classes, innovative science lab practices implemented green chemistry and recycling of lab consumables. Sustainability and environmental awareness permeate her classes, from service learning activities in the Environmental Biology course for non-science majors, to Microbiology, to introductory biology classes.
W Aaron Shoults-Wilson

W. Aaron Shoults-Wilson
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Aaron Shoults-Wilson was the founder of Roosevelt’s Environmental Toxicology lab where he and his students study the effects of toxic metals on earthworm behavior and the accumulation of toxic metals by bivalves (mussels and clams) in fresh waters. Since joining Roosevelt, Shoults-Wilson has led students into and across the frigid waters of Lake Michigan to collect environmental samples.

Dr. Shoults-Wilson primarily teaches introductory science courses for non-science majors such as Intro to Environmental Science and Our Toxic World, but also offers advanced courses in Aquatic Toxicology and Applications in Environmental Science. He is the adviser for the University's Environmental Science minor as well as on soil health for the Environmental Sustainability committee.

Aaron is an avid home-gardener and holds a bachelor's in chemistry from Truman State University and a PhD in Environmental Toxicology from University of Georgia.

Jennifer Tani

Jennifer Tani
Director of Community Engagement

Jennifer Tani manages governmental, civic and community relations for the University.  As a member of Roosevelt’s Environmental Sustainability Committee, she is interested in developing partnerships and activities to share the University’s green practices with community stakeholders including local schools, businesses, non-profit organizations and residents. 

Roosevelt’s leadership in sustainability—from its academics, facilities, and operations—has the potential to transform surrounding communities and develop solutions to some of our greatest social, environmental and economic challenges. Tani holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology/Anthropology from Carleton College and Master’s Degree in Public Service Management from DePaul University.