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There’s no denying that Roosevelt University’s cultivation of excellence on campus links directly to the generous private financial support of our dedicated donor community and individuals like you. It’s because of your giving that Roosevelt thrives. Every gift, regardless of its size or frequency, is highly important to our success and always appreciated. Your partnership empowers University professors, staff and student leaders to further Roosevelt’s central academic mission: to offer an accessible, world-class, liberal arts education framed by a distinctive commitment to equality, justice and social change.

Your enduring support will continue the mission of Roosevelt University throughout the 21st century and beyond. If you haven’t already done so, please consider making a personal commitment to our continued growth. There are gift levels for every supporter, so find out how you can make a difference. By investing in the University, our donor societies help fulfill our vision of a strong academic living and learning environment, with new growth and innovative developments in our curriculum, programming, services, resources and facilities.

The legacy of giving at Roosevelt is alive and well. Show your support and give now

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Giving Recognition

Donors who give $250.00 or more during the fiscal year are recognized each year in the Honor Roll issue of the Roosevelt Review. To confirm how you’d like your name to appear, include the information with your gift, or simply contact us. For expedited service, please reference "donor recognition name" or "DRN" in the subject of your email.