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Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

In addition to reading the Financial Aid Guide and the Certification Requirements for financial aid, all financial aid recipients must ACCEPT their conditional financial aid on-line.  

Terms & Conditions and Accepting Awards

From RUAccess students can review the Terms & Conditions and accept Federal awards.  

  1. Log-in to RUAccess
  2. On the main menu screen select  Financial Aid Services tab
  3. At the Financial Aid Menu select Award
  4. At the Award menu select Award for Aid Year, select an aid year.
  5. At the Award Package, select Terms and Conditions tab.
  6. Carefully read over the information.  Click Accept at the bottom of the screen to accept the terms and conditions.
  7. After accepting the Terms and Conditions select the Accept Award Offer tab (at the top of the menu). 

Accept Awards Offer tab:

  • The Office of Financial Assistance accepts all financial aid awards on the behalf of the student including scholarships, grants, and self-help financial aid. 
  • Students will need to either accept, decline a portion or all of their financial award(s) ( i.e. Federal Loans and/or Federal Work Study) in RU Access. It is recommended that students make adjustments prior to financial aid disbursements. 
  • Generally, disbursements begin ten (10) days prior to the start of each semester. Students whose financial aid file is incomplete will experience a delay in disbursements. Students may submit a written request to cancel or reduce loans up to fourteen (14) days after the disbursement of a loan. 
  • Written request can be submitted as a comment in RU Access, through email, or by submittal of a written statement to the Financial Aid Office. Accept the full award amount by selecting accept full amount of all awards.

Students can provide comments:  

The following  are examples of comments which should be reported:  

  • If he/she will graduate at the end of the fall semester  
  • Anticipate a mixed enrollment (6 hours fall and 9 hours spring)
  • Additional resources such as scholarships, employer reimbursement, etc.