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Currently Not Processing Summer 2015 Financial Aid: Eligibility for New and Continuing Students

The process for summer financial aid has changed for Summer 2015. Students no longer need to complete a Summer Financial Aid Application to be considered for financial aid. The only application required is the submission of the 2014-2015 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  1. After you enroll in your summer courses, the financial aid counseling staff will be notified of your registration.
  2. Within 3-5 business days of your registration for summer courses, your financial aid eligibility will be reviewed and RU Access updated with your award(s).
  3. As always, you can log in to RU Access to view your financial aid awards.

The types of financial aid awards that may be available for summer include the following three:

Summer Federal Pell Grant

If you received a Federal Pell Grant during the Fall and/or Spring and did not utilize your full year eligibility (by being enrolled full time in fall and spring), you will be considered for a Federal Pell Grant. 

The Pell Grant is based on your current summer enrollment and financial need. Please note that if your enrollment changes (lower or higher during the summer term), there may be an adjustment to your Pell Grant award.

Summer Federal Direct Stafford Loan

If you have not utilized your full year’s eligibility, you may have some remaining Direct Loan funds available to you for the summer term.

Please notify our office if you would like to reduce or cancel the loan that you have been awarded at

If this is your first time borrowing a Federal Direct Stafford Loan at Roosevelt University, you may need to complete these additional steps:

Online federal loan documentation is completed at You will need your FAFSA PIN number for each document that needs to be completed at

If you are awarded Federal Direct Stafford Loans for summer, the federal student loan eligibility requires half-enrollment of 6 or more credit hours over the entirety of the summer term (any combination of sessions must be at least 6 credit hours). Your financial aid will be reevaluated at the time of disbursement, so changes in registration could impact your eligibility for the Federal Direct Stafford Loans.

Eligibility for Summer Loan

You may also have an amount listed on your financial aid award, called “Eligibility for Summer Loan” This is not an actual award, but is an item to show the maximum amount that you can request in an additional, credit-based loan.

The options for these loans may include:

  • the Parent PLUS Loan (dependent students only)
  • the Graduate PLUS Loan (graduate/doctoral level students only)
  • a private student loan with a lender of your choice.

Federal Direct PLUS or Graduate PLUS Loans at Roosevelt University will require an application and Master Promissory Note submitted online at

Note: Roosevelt University grant and scholarship assistance, as well as, State of Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grant funds are not available during the summer term.  Even if you receive these awards during Fall and/or Spring, you will not see these awards posted for the summer term.

If you are interested in a payment arrangement for Summer 2015, please visit the Student Accounts website about the summer “Tuition Payment Plan”.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students are evaluated for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at the end of each academic term and your eligibility for aid is subject to change based on your academic performance. Please visit our website for more information regarding the SAP policy

Please contact the Financial Aid Office when you need assistance

Telephone: (866) 421-0935 
Fax: (312) 341-3545
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