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Cesar Dominguez

Cesar Dominguez

Contact Information  
Phone:  312-341-2368


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Also have minors in Economics and International Business.

Favorite fun fact about Roosevelt

Roosevelt was actually named Thomas Jefferson College for its first 2 weeks of existence.

What makes Roosevelt unique/stand out from the other Chicago area colleges?

What intrigued me the most about this university is its commitment to social justice and community involvement. It is the notion that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe you deserve the same opportunities to succeed as the next person and that we must get involved to ensure this holds true. They are ideas that I am a firm believer of and ones Roosevelt University wholeheartedly supports.

Describe your role when it comes to helping students 

I assist students through the often-complicated process of receiving financial aid. I advise them on their options for covering schooling cost and answer any questions on financial aid they may have.

Favorite Neighborhood in Chicago

Pilsen! The Best Mexican food in the city is located right here.

Best way to spend a day off of work

A solid session of Madden NFL 2013 and Call of Duty on the PlayStation 3 mixed in with some non-fiction reading and a sprinkle of stumble upon.

Chicago Style Hot Dog or Chicago Style Pizza?

Hot Dog. Hold the celery salt please.