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Financial Aid Application Process

What should I Do?

If you are interested in any source of financial assistance (including scholarships, grants, student employment, or loans) you must:

The FAFSA should be completed as soon as possible after January 1 for the next academic year. The Financial Aid Priority Deadline, for continuing students, is March 1 of each year. Continuing students must apply for financial aid by this date in order to continue to receive ANY Roosevelt University scholarships and grants.  New students, do not wait to be admitted to Roosevelt University to apply. Remember, if you have any questions, we are only a click, a call, or a visit away!

What Happens Next?

When you submit the FAFSA to the federal student aid processor, your family's reported household and financial information is computed and an "expected family contribution" (EFC) is calculated. The EFC is an indication of your family's ability to pay for a college education. Approximately 72 hours after the FAFSA is processed, Roosevelt University will receive this information electronically and you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) with your EFC and instructions to follow.

Once we receive the results from your FAFSA we will begin to create a financial aid package just for you. This package will consist of any scholarships, grants, student employment opportunities, and loans that you may be eligible to receive. Although we will send you written notification, we encourage you to utilize RU ACCESS to check the status of your aid application at any time in the convenience of your own home or office!

When we calculate your financial aid eligibility, we use a cost of attendance that includes estimated costs for living expenses, in addition to your estimated tuition/fees and room and board charges, that you will not pay us - this is designed to help you get an idea of what it may truly cost you to attend.  Make sure you read our Financial Aid Guide for more information on these additional estimated costs.

You are expected to come to Roosevelt with funds to purchase your own books at the start of each term.

To receive, and continue to receive, any form of financial assistance, you must also remain in good academic standing and successfully meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. You are responsible for monitoring your own satisfactory academic progress and are urged to review your standing every term particularly before you withdraw from any class, request or receive an "incomplete (I)" or an "in progress (IP)" grade, or take an external studies course. Again, if you have any questions – we are only a click, a call, or a visit away!

Financial Aid Package

After we have received the results of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), we will put together a combination of scholarships, grants, student employment opportunities, and loans that you may be eligible to receive if you attend Roosevelt University . This combination of funds is called a financial aid package.

Since your financial aid package is determined based upon information that you have provided, that must be verified, and some funding sources (particularly from the state and private sources) are subject to change - you will receive updated Award Notification Letters when certain estimated awards change. It is important that you have a current address on file and you notify us if something on your application (such as intended enrollment, residency status, outside resource availability, etc.) changes.

As always, if you have questions, remember, we are just a click, a call, or a visit away!

FATV - When should I apply for Financial Aid?