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Illinois Certification Testing System Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)

Important Information


Read this announcement to learn more about the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) and its phase-in during Spring 2012.  After April 2012, the paper and pencil Basic Skills Test will no longer be available, and all testing will be online using the new TAP.

The Test of Academic Proficiency is a State of Illinois requirement for admission to teacher and school counselor preparation programs.  Applicants to these programs at Roosevelt University may earn admission to a major without having passed the test.  However, in order to enroll in core program courses, passing test scores must be sent directly from ILTS to Roosevelt University.  Please be sure to indicate that your scores should be sent to Roosevelt University when you register to take the TAP. 

The College of Education strongly recommends that undergraduates take the test during their first year of collegiate study.  Graduate candidates should take the test at least three months prior to the start of their planned first semester of study.  Furthermore, in order to maximize the potential for success, both undergraduate and graduate candidates should prepare for the test well in advance of actually taking it.  Failure to pass the Test of Academic Proficiency will delay enrollment in the College of Education and add additional costs to the candidate in the form of test taking fees.  

Effective January 2010, the State of Illinois made several important changes to the rules concerning the Basic Skills Test.  Please consider carefully the following information as you prepare to take the test.

  1. To pass the Test of Academic Proficiency, candidates must pass all of the required subtests.  Effective September 2010, the State of Illinois requires a passing score on each and every subtest.  Subtests that are passed remain as a part of the candidate’s permanent record; however, subtests that are not passed must be re-taken, and candidates will not be listed as having passed the test until all subtests are passed.

  2. Candidates are not allowed to take the Test of Academic Proficiency more than five times.  Effective January 2010, candidates may not register more than 5 times for the entire test or any subpart.  For this reason, candidates who need to re-take a subtest(s) should devote time and energy to remediating their area(s) of weakness.   Candidates are responsible for keeping track of which subtests they have passed or failed.   Subtests that have been passed should not be repeated.  Candidates should only re-take the subtest(s) that they have failed.

  3. The number of correct answers required to achieve a passing score of 240 has increased significantly for all subtests.  The content of the Test of Academic Proficiency is unchanged, but it is significantly longer and harder to earn a passing score on the subtests since the changes in state rules.  At the very least, all candidates should take a look at the new test framework and other free resources to make sure they are prepared for success.  Candidates also are encouraged to gauge their potential for success on the exam by using their ACT scores and information derived from a recent research study available on the website for the Illinois Education Research Council.

Learn about test preparation resources for the Test of Academic Proficiency.