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Student Teaching

Application for Student Teaching now on TASKSTREAM

In an effort to improve communication and efficiency, the College of Education has moved the application for student teaching to TaskStream.  If you are planning to student teach in Fall 2013, you must use TaskStream to submit the application form and four other documents by the priority deadline of November 1, 2012.   Here are the steps that you will need to take to submit your application and the other required documents: 

  1. Direct your web browser to the TaskStream website
  2. Log into your TaskStream account, and click on the TaskStream program listed on your home page.   
  3. Within your TaskStream program, look on the left sidebar for the area called "Student Teaching Application" (in most cases, you will have to scroll down).  Click on this area, and read the directions carefully for completing and submitting the required application and forms.  In total, 5 items are required: 1) an application form, 2) a resume, 3) a mandated reporter acknowledgement form, 4) a mandated reporter certificate of training, and 5) a FERPA consent form.  

After you submit each of the required items, you will receive an evaluation from the Office of Field Placements informing you whether or not your application or other documentation has been approved.  Please note that applications and resumes must be well-written in order to earn approval.                                                                                              

The website of the Office of Field Placements has more information about applying for student teaching.  If you still need to purchase TaskStream or enroll in the proper program, please consult the TaskStream Support webpage on the College of Education website.  Your advisor also should be able to guide you through the process if you have questions after reviewing all of the information in TaskStream.  Last but not least, please do share this announcement with others in your courses if you know that they, too, might want to apply for Fall 2013 student teaching.

Accurate Biometrics Background Check

If you are a student in the Elementary, Early Childhood, Special Education, Music Education or Secondary Education teacher preparation program or in the Counseling and Human Services~School Counselor program, you need to have completed a Background Check through Argus Services BEFORE participating in any Field Experiences including classroom observations, internships, practicums and student teaching. Only Accurate Biometrics background checks are acceptable (regardless if you have completed a background check in the past through another company).

The following link provides the application process for the background check:

For Schaumburg campus students who will not be completing field experience in CPS, please complete the following forms and bring them with you to your background check appointment at Accurate Biometrics.

Background Check Fees

  • State of IL - $30
  • Federal - $45

For questions regarding Accurate Biometrics background checks:

Ms. Julie Mester
Phone: 866-361-9944 ext. 202

Mandated Reporter Training and Form Completion Process

All Roosevelt University student teachers are required to complete an online training course for mandated reporters by the time of the first meeting of their student teaching seminar. This training includes:

  • A pre-training assessment (13 multiple-choice questions)
  • 60-90 minutes of self-paced interactive training
  • A post-training assessment (13 multiple-choice questions)
  • A Certificate of Completion (which must be printed at time of completion)

Upon completion of the training, turn in your Certificate of Completion and a signed Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status Form to the Office of Field Placements at either campus. Please staple your forms together.  The Office of Field Placements will mail all completed forms to the Office of the Director of DCFS, as required by state rule.

You may not participate in student teaching  until you have turned in BOTH the Certificate of Completion and the signed Acknowedgement of Mandate reporter Status form to either the Chicago or Schaumburg campuses.

TB Test

State law requires that all student teachers have a current TB Test while student teaching.  Each clinic may have different hours of operation and costs. You are advised to call prior to going to any of the clinics listed below.   Please remember to bring a photo ID to the clinic, and return this completed form to the Office of Field Placements at either campus. If you choose to go to your own doctor / clinic, the College of Education requires the facility to include the following information when reporting TB Test results: 1) your name, 2) the doctor’s office/clinic, 3) the test results, 4) the date the results were read, and 5) the name and signature of person reading the results. This information can be on a doctor’s prescription pad or any other form, as long as the above information is provided. 

 Chicago Clinics  Suburban Clinics

Englewood Health Center
1135 W. 69th St.



Occupational Health Clinic
361 W. Golf Rd.
Schaumburg, IL 60195



West Town Health Center
2418 W. Division
Schaumburg Minute Clinic
1801 W. Golf Rd.
Schaumburg, IL 60194
Uptown Neighborhood Health Center
845 W. Wilson
Village of Arlington Heights
33 S. Arlington Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005