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Field Placement FAQs

Q: I have observation hours to complete – so what do I need to do to get my placement?

A: Nothing! – Really! The field placement office (FPO) has rosters for all courses. So we already know the class or classes you are enrolled in, how many observation hours you will need and in what setting. We know where you live and the e-mail address that you set up in Banner therefore:

You don't need to call us- the FPO will contact you when we have placement information for you.

Q: I heard I need a criminal background check, how do I get one? How much will it cost?

A: 2nd question (we'll answer the easy question first...) Expect to spend a total of $45-$75 for a state and federal background check.

A: 1st question, It depends…. On where you will be placed (I know…, you don't know your placement information yet…. keep reading)

For students who live in Chicago, about 99% of the time you will be placed in a CPS school.

CPS has a registration process that you must follow before you can enter a CPS school.

The CPS registration process includes instructions and forms for getting a criminal background check

The CPS process may take up to 2 weeks to complete (which  includes waiting on background check results)

So, if you live in Chicago, you should get started as soon as you can. Please click on this link to the CPS Field Experience Registration and Background Check Guides.

For students who live in the suburbs or other cities, there are at least two ways of getting your criminal background check

You can wait to receive your field placement assignment. And, your assigned school district may provide you with directions for getting a criminal background check.

Make sure you request a copy of it and keep for your personal records- you may need it again for another course.

Your assigned school district may say you must get your own background check , if so,  see below….

 You can get your own criminal background check report by

 Reading thru the RU FBI Fingerprinting Process Instructions, (yes, that’s a link)

 Then download and complete the RU UCIA Form and Accurate Biometrics Applicant Info Form, which must be given to Accurate Biometrics

 Click on this link  Accurate Biometrics for locations and exact cost information

 Q: Why do some of my classmates have their placements, and I don't have mine?

A: The field placement office sends out requests for most College of Education students who need observation hours, and someone is going to be the first person to get confirm for placement, and someone is going to be the last person to receive placement, but most of you will be in the middle J

Q: When will I get my placement information?

A: Honestly – we can't say!

But don't be alarmed.  Our goal is to place students in a setting that meets the course requirements and in a timely manner so the observation hours can be completed before the semester ends. And the field placement office has a near 100% placement record – we have always found placements for all enrolled students.