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Cooperating Teachers

The success of Roosevelt University’s College of Education programs is dependent not only on the efforts of our faculty, but on the contributions of several hundred cooperating teachers each year. The College of Education greatly appreciates these efforts expended on behalf of our students – and on behalf of the teaching profession's future.

The College’s field placement officers work to provide field experiences that connect coursework with practical realities in the field. Site staff members also help us match our student teachers with experienced classroom teachers.


In addition to welcoming our students into your classrooms, cooperating teachers are asked to fill out a few simple forms.  Those of you who host student observers complete a brief form verifying the hours our students were in your classrooms. By recording the student’s hours, you have a handy form for keeping a log of your hours as well. These can be used for your certificate-renewal plan. If your school welcomes several observers over the course of a school year, you may be eligible for a course voucher from Roosevelt as well.

Cooperating Teacher Orientation

To aid teachers planning to host our teacher candidates, the College holds a brief orientation session. In addition to learning about our expectations and the College of Education’s Conceptual Framework, cooperating teachers have an opportunity to meet their student teacher’s university supervisor.   

Cooperating teachers receive a copy of our Student Teaching Handbook. Your student teacher’s university supervisor will visit several times during the semester on a day arranged in advance. Your student teacher will also meet with his or her supervisor and other teacher candidates for a weekly seminar.

Student Teacher Evaluation

Our student teaching programs vary from 5 to 15 weeks in duration; some programs require a variety of experiences, but they all add up to 15 weeks overall. Your student teacher may be with you for all or part of the period. For the 5-week experiences, cooperating teachers need to fill out only one evaluation form; for the longer experiences, we ask for both a midterm and a final evaluation. We also ask that these forms be filled out on line.  You will receive an email with links to the evaluations.

Course Vouchers

Roosevelt University awards to each cooperating teacher a voucher that can be used for a course in any one of the university’s five colleges. At the end of the student teaching period, the Office of Field Services sends out a thank you letter that is used to verify the holder as a supervising teacher for obtaining CPDUs and the course voucher.

Tuition Voucher Policies and Procedures Letter 

For further program information

Detailed information on Roosevelt University’s teacher preparation programs are available by clicking on any of the following links:

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