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CPS Student Teaching FAQ

Will CPS accept late applications?            

    No. Students must apply by the deadline date in order to be considered for student teaching in the term in which they have selected.  

What are the submission windows for future semesters in regards to TB and fingerprint results (90 day window periods)?            

    For the fall semester registration, this 90 day window will be April 1st to July 1st prior to the start of the fall student teaching semester             For spring semester registration, this 90 day window will be October 1st- December 31st prior to the start of the spring student teaching semester  

If a student defers student teaching to the next semester, can the approval roll over?

     No. Approvals will not carry over to the next semester.  Fingerprints and TB results would no longer be valid, so those would have to be updated.  In addition, students would need to log-in and update their registration profiles including the semester of student teaching (i.e. Spring 2013 to Fall 2013) as well as any other personal/contact information that has changed.  Essentially, they need to plan on going through the process again --- updating/re-creating profile, new TB, new fingerprints.  We cannot roll over approvals at this time.