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General Information About Placements

Field Placement Sites

The Office of Student Resources arranges these placements. Field Placement and Student Resource Officers and staff members are located in both Chicago and Schaumburg campuses; and are on campus year-round to make these arrangements.  The office works with schools districts throughout the six-county metropolitan area of Chicago, aiming to place candidates in sites near their home or work. We prefer to work with schools whose educational programs complement the College’s Conceptual Framework.

With a few exceptions, field placements take place in public schools. Our students are not permitted to do field placements that are supervised in schools they have either attended or worked in.  Students cannot receive financial compensation while they are doing field observations or when they are student teaching; for supervised field experiences, there is a fee of $110.00, which will be added on to your tuition bill.  For students who are enrolled in courses with unsupervised field experiences, there is a placement and processing fee of $25.00, which will be added to your tuition bill. 

Background and TB Tests

Prior to doing field work, all students must complete a background check through Accurate Biometrics.  This check is required by several districts before they can welcome our students into their schools.  A TB test is required of all students prior to student teaching; some school districts ask that teacher candidates in their schools even for brief observations be tested for TB.

Field Experiences

Among the courses all teacher candidates take, whether they are preparing for early childhood, elementary, secondary, or other certification (special education, reading, or music), there are four or five for which field experiences are an integral part. The specific courses vary, but in each program they add up to a minimum of 100 hours of field work. 

Please click on the following link to watch our informational webinar.  This webinar will provide answers to some commonly asked questions about the College of Education field placement process and observation hours.

This link will provide answers to frequently asked questions about field placements.

Student Teaching

After meeting program requirements, RU teacher candidates spend 15 weeks as a student teacher in a public school; depending upon the program, this may be in one classroom or in two or three. Throughout student teaching, candidates attend a seminar with a university supervisor. Supervisors visit teacher candidates regularly to observe their progress.

RU students apply for student teaching approximately 10 months in advance.  Information sessions about student teaching are held in early in the fall semester and early in the spring semester.

All RU students must have passed the appropriate Illinois content-area test prior to student teaching; they must also have demonstrated dispositions appropriate to classroom work with students. For undergraduates, student teaching always takes place during the last semester of the program; in graduate programs, students may be eligible for student teaching prior to completing master’s degree.