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Core Courses

M.A. Teaching and Learning - 30 Credit Hours Total

Core Courses (12 credit hour total)

  • TLED 438 (3 credit) Advanced Frameworks for Teaching Diverse Learners
    • Emotional, physical, psychological, and socio-cultural factors that impact learners, learning, and classroom environment. Techniques for developing effective classroom environments that enhance career goals and learning through service. Strategies for enhancing school and classroom climate in collaboration with families and the community.
  • TLED 433 (3 credit) Evaluating Student Learning
    • High quality approaches to the assessment of student learning. Application, analysis, and interpretation of assessment results. The use of results to provide feedback to diverse learners and parents, and improve curriculum, instruction, and learning.  Development, implementation, and evaluation of assessment tools and models. 
  • TLED 436, (3 credit) Rethinking Curriculum and Instruction
    • National and state standards, and their relationship to curriculum and instruction.  Instructional and curricular theory and its practical application in contemporary classrooms.  Analysis of curriculum, including instruction and assessment methods.  Adaptation of curriculum and instruction for diverse learners. Teachers as curriculum-makers and catalysts for student learning.
  •  TLED 435 (3 credit) Leadership and Professional Responsibilities
    • Introduction to leadership roles in schools and districts. Various strategies for promoting teachers' growth, reflection, collaboration, and advocacy abilities. Analysis of professional learning communities, in-service workshop models, professional development activities, classroom observation, and approaches to the supervision and mentorship of student teachers.