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Dissertations on topics critical to practices in educational leadership can use quantitative or qualitative research methods.  In addition, the program supports the use of action research methodology to implement data informed and social justice based organizational problem-solving actions directed toward a contemporary practice in educational leadership. 

Roosevelt University policies and procedures for completion of the dissertation apply to all dissertation research methodologies 

The following forms are used in various stages of the dissertation process. Their purposes are indicated below. At the appropriate time during your progress through the dissertation writing stage, fill in the sections of the form pertaining to your dissertation and print the necessary number of copies.

  1. Dissertation Proposal Approval Form (5 copies)

    Before beginning any type of data collection for the dissertation, it is required that the study first be approved by Roosevelt University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).  Certain guidelines must be followed as mandated by law.  Therefore, it is also a requirement that proof of having successfully completed a tutorial concerning IRB policies and procedures be submitted along with the proposal itself. The following link will access Roosevelt’s IRB website which contains instructions and required forms as well as links to sites where a tutorial may be taken and a certificate of successful completion can be obtained.

  2. Dissertation Proposal Approval Form (5 copies)

    This document is given to the Dissertation Committee Chair prior to the Defense of the Proposal hearing. Once the defense has been successfully completed, the Chair and Committee members sign the forms.  Each retains a copy, one copy is given to the student—who has now attained the status of Ed.D. Candidate—and one copy is sent to the Ed.D. coordinator for the student’s file.

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  3. Announcement of Dissertation Defense (copies to be determined)

    When the dissertation has been completed, the Candidate presents a draft of the announcement to defend the dissertation to the Chair.  After approval, the announcement is disseminated to the Chair and Dissertation Committee members, all faculty in the College of Education, and posted on the Educational Leadership bulletin board.

    The requirements for the contents of this form can be found in the Appendixes section of the Ed.D. Student Manual.

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  4. Dissertation Approval Form (6 copies)

    After successful defense of the completed dissertation, this document is signed by the Chair and Dissertation Committee members. Copies are retained by each of these individuals, one is given to the Candidate, and another sent to the Ed.D. coordinator for the student’s file. An original signed copy is also submitted to the Graduate Dean’s Office with a copy of the dissertation for final approval.

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  5. Transmittal Form (2 copies)

    After the Dissertation Approval Form has been signed and the dissertation itself has been read by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, it may be returned to the Candidate for further corrections.  When these have been made, the Chair signs this form. It is returned to the Graduate Dean’s office accompanied by the original document (which noted the corrections to be made), two required copies of the dissertation, and receipts indicating that the fees associated with binding and UMI/ProQuest have been paid.

    If additional bound copies are desired, these unbound documents are provided at this time. Payment for the binding fees for the additional copies is made at the same time as for the two required copies.

    The second copy of the form is sent to the Ed.D. Director for the student’s file.

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