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Educational Leadership Ed.D. Program


Welcome to our website, and thank you for your interest in our Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership.

Higher Education Concentration

This interdisciplinary 48 credit hour doctoral program prepares students who are seeking advanced competencies in leadership in higher education settings and non-profit organizations.  Firmly rooted in the social justice history, mission and tradition of Roosevelt University, students can expect a vigorous critique of current practices as well as engagement with innovative and activist ideals to address persistent concerns in higher education.  Graduates will acquire knowledge, skills, and co-construct learning experiences to position themselves for leadership in academic, student affairs, community college or higher education policy and administrative settings. The interdisciplinary faculty will integrate both leadership and social justice studies for a comprehensive program designed to meet student career goals. Innovative approaches to course scheduling, and to the dissertation process may allow students to integrate aspects of these experiences into their current practices.

The core curriculum and social justice aspect the program prepares doctoral students to:

  • Appreciate the diverse leadership perspectives in higher education/community college leadership in areas of systems, organizational change, outcomes assessment, and research models for engaging and promoting effective institutions
  • Understand the complexities, organizational principles, and practices in higher education.
  • Apply and analyze learning solutions that support and drive the postsecondary enterprise, student retention and student success.
  • Strategically support the various stakeholders with informed and judicious decisions.
  • Identify and integrate leadership orientations that align with institutional mission and vision.
  • Exercise professional ethical behavior that supports the institutional mission and allocation of resources to support and achieve institutional objectives.


Note regarding the K-12 Ed.D. Program:

This program which prepared students for leadership in K-12 Education is not accepting applications for admission.  All students in this prior K-12 doctoral program must meet all requirements, including the successful defense of a dissertation, within eight years of the first semester of enrollment. Policies and procedures for the completion of the dissertation can be found at:  Dissertation