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English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement


  1. A valid professional Illinois teacher certificate

  2. ESL clinical experience totaling 100 clock hours or three months teaching experience with ESL students.

    Roosevelt students may choose to complete any number of hours within the specified range for each course, but it is the student's responsibility to have a total of 100 clinical hours completed and verified by the end of the program. Some clinical hours may be waived with a letter from a school principal verifying three months of full-time, successful teaching experience in ESL classrooms.

  3. Credits totaling 18 semester hours distributed among the following course areas:

    * Linguistics
    * Theoretical Foundations of Teaching ESL
    * Assessment of the Bilingual Student
    * Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL
    * Cross-Cultural Studies for Teaching Limited-English-Proficient Students

    This is is met through the following coursework at Roosevelt:

    * EDUC 368/468: Foundations of Bilingual and ESL Education (10-30 clinical hours)
    * EDUC 375/475: Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL (10-25 clinical hours)
    * EDUC 373/473: Assessment of Bilingual Students (10-25 clinical hours)
    * EDUC 374/474: Methods and Materials for Teaching Bilingual Students (10-20 clinical hours)
    * EDUC 358/458: Linguistics for ESL Teachers
    * EDUC 370/470: Cross-Cultural Studies for Teaching Limited English Proficient Students (10-20 clinical hours)

Once the above requirements are met, the applicant must submit the following form to the Illinois State Board of Education along with required documents and fees detailed therein.