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Laura Lag
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Laura Lag
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Type 04: Early Childhood Education

A Type 04 Early Childhood Certificate is valid for teaching children birth through grade three (Birth-Grade3)

Please follow the steps below to facilitate a smooth certification process. If you have  questions at any point along the way, please consult your advisor as soon as possible.

  1. Successfully Complete all general education,  academic concentration, and professional education coursework requirements for certification.

  2. Have an officially posted Roosevelt Bachelor's Degree. Degrees are posted by the registrar's office, typically 3-4 weeks after the commencement ceremony.

  3. Successfully complete all required state certification tests

    * 300: Basic Skills - Must be passed prior to program entry
    * 107: Early Childhood Education - Must be passed prior to student teaching
    * 101: Assessment of Professional Teaching - Must be passed prior to recommendation for entitlement

  4. Submit completed Application for Certificate to the Certification Officer by hand or by mail. View a sample completed form.

  5. Once all documentation is received and reviewed, you will receive an email letting you know that you have either been recommended for entitlement or that there are requirements you still need to fulfill before you can be recommended. If the latter is the case, the email will detail what is missing. Do not proceed to step 6 until you have completed all requirements above AND received the email from Roosevelt's certification officer confirming that you have been recommended for entitlement.


  6. If you have been recommended for entitlement, the email will provide directions on the online steps you need to take to complete the certification process with the Illinois State Board of Education. There is a fee associated with this process and that you will be required to submit official, sealed copies of all college/university transcripts to ISBE.