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Subsequent Endorsements

Once a candidate has earned a Professional Educator License (PEL), he or she can earn an additional grade level endorsement by completing a "focused program." Typically, focused programs are shorter, or more focused, than the programs required of candidates seeking a Professional Educator License. The state guidelines for earning subsequent grade level endorsements at (reference section 25.37). Please note that all relevant state exams must be passed in order to earn a subsequent endorsement through a focused program.


Roosevelt University’s College of Education offers focused programs in:

Please note that focused programs do NOT lead to a master's degree in the area or discipline of the subsequent certificate. Successful completion of a focused program will result ONLY in the College of Education's recommendation for a subsequent endorsement.  However, candidates may earn an MA in our Teaching and Learning program.  Please contact Laura Lag at to learn more about this option.


To earn admission to a focused program at Roosevelt University, applicants must prepare and submit a portfolio of documents. Portfolios must include all of the elements listed below:

  1. A cover letter explaining what additional endorsement is desired and why, as well as experiences that the candidate has had working with children in the subsequent or additional endorsement area. The cover letter also should describe clearly the current employment status of the candidate, the previous teaching positions and grade levels that have been taught, and any limitations that the candidate has with respect to the completion of observation and/or student teaching requirements.
  2. A copy of a valid Illinois State Professional Educator License (PEL) and documentation that all required state exams have been passed (documentation may be obtained from the ISBE website at
  3. Official transcripts that document all of the coursework that was required to earn the Professional Educator License.
  4. A resume that clearly provides contact information and a chronology of education and work experiences.
  5. Letter(s) from principal(s) or supervisor(s) who can attest to the position, years, and grade level teaching experiences of the applicant.

Upon receipt of a complete portfolio, the appropriate program faculty will conduct a transcript and portfolio evaluation for the purpose of determining admission to the focused program, and the required sequence of study and field and clinical experiences. Although the focused program is likely to be shorter than the initial program, applicants should not expect a waiver of all field experiences and student teaching unless they present evidence of 5 years of teaching experience on their Professional Educator License.

Decisions about admission, required courses, and field and clinical experiences will be made on the basis of a thorough review of each applicant’s qualifications and experiences. Decisions will be communicated to applicants within 30 days of the receipt of a complete portfolio.

All portfolios should be submitted to the following address:

Roosevelt University
College of Education, Focused Program
Attention: Laura Lag
430 South Michigan Avenue Room GB 802
Chicago, IL 60605


Please contact Laura Lag, Assistant Dean of Student Services, at 312-853-4753 or send your question or comments to