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Interface Radio

Interface is a 30-minute public affairs radio program on issues of interest to the Chicago community. Interface airs at Noon on Saturdays on the Chicagoland Radio Information Service (CRIS), a subscription-based network with 40,000 subscribers that broadcasts on a sub-frequency of WBEZ in Chicago. CRIS also broadcasts on public access CAN-TV, channels 19 and 21, in Chicago.

The program is hosted and produced by Arny Reichler, Instructor at Roosevelt University, and D. Bradford Hunt, Associate Professor of Social Science in the Evelyn T. Stone College of Professional Studies at Roosevelt.

The program first aired in 1980, and has been broadcast as public affairs programming in the past on WBBM and WCKG. Past hosts include Gary Wolfe, Professor of Humanities. Previous guests have ranged from Michelle Obama to Ben and Jerry of ice cream fame. Since 2006, the program has been produced digitally and can be heard as an .mp3 file.  The last episode was produced on July 11, 2012.

Date Topic and Guest Listen
 7/11/12 "Chile: Tourism and Trade," a discussion with Juan Luis Palma, Trade Representative from the Consulate of Chile about the Chilean Trade Commission and its initiatives in Chicago. Conversation covers the country's main exports, tourist attractions, and its aims to expand trade with the U.S. mp3
 1/24/12 "The Association Landscape in Chicago," a conversation with Christie Tarantino, President and CEO of The Association Forum of Chicagoland, an organization that helps associations of all sizes connect with their members. The discussion ranges from the health of associations in the current economic climate to issues surrounding trade shows at McCormick Place. mp3
 11/22/11 "Cultural Exchange between Chicago and Sao Paolo, Brazil," a discussion with Ariani A. G. Friedl, Board Member and Co-Chairo f the Arts and Cultures Committee of the Illinois-Sao Paolo Chapter of Partners of the Americas.  We discuss various cultural exchanges between Brazil and Chicago, including Mostra II, a Brazilian Film Festival in Chicago in 2011. mp3
 11/22/11 "Small Businesses and Entrepreneurial Challenges," a conversation with Alfred Gregory, President of Gregory Lamar Associates and inventor of a medical device called "Fingers" which helps those with broken fingers and arthritis.  Conversation centers on the difficulties of succeeding as a small business in today's economy. mp3
 9/9/11 "The Chicago Public Library," a discussion with Mark Andersen, Chief of the Harold Washington Library Center's Business, Science and Technology Division.  The conversation ranges from the library's vast holdings to the many resources available for small businesses. mp3
8/17/11 "Job Opportunities for Retirees and Older Workers," a conversation with Art Koff, CEO of Retired Brains, a a job resources website for retirees and older workers eager to stay in the workforce.  The discussion centers on entrepreunership opportunities for seniors as well as strategies for staying active in retirement.  mp3
6/17/11 "Algae, Sustainability, and our Oceans," a conversation with Carla Jones, Instructor in Sustainability Studies at Roosevelt University, about her research at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, on algae and its multitude of uses.  We also discuss issues of sustainability and our oceans. mp3
5/2/11 "The Habitat Company and Multi-Family Housing," a conversation with Mark Segal, President and CEO of The Habitat Company, about the importance of the multi-family housing market and Habitat's work on the Chicago Housing Authority's Plan for Transformation. mp3
4/26/11 "Great Teaching in Higher Education," a discussion with with Steven Meyers, Professor of Psychology at Roosevelt University and Illinois Professor of the Year for 2007-08, about what makes for effective college-level teaching. Drawing on a wide body of research and his own experiences, Meyers identifies key traits in outstanding college teachers. For more, see Meyers' website. mp3
4/5/11 "Documentary Embroidery," a fascinating conversation with Priscilla Perkins, Associate Professor of English and Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences at Roosevelt University, about her engagement with historical moments through the craft of embroidery. Those historical moments range from the eugenics movement to the Braceros program to Sicilian migration to the U.S. Perkins' work can be seen at her website. mp3
2/7/11 "Technology and Marketing to Students," a discussion with Alex Dowson, director of WRBC The Blaze, Roosevelt's student-run radio station, and George Olson, Director of Summer Sessions, about how technology has changed the way students consume marketing and how Roosevelt's Summer 2011 program is reaching out to students through new media. mp3
1/24/11 "Route 66 and Historic Preservation," a conversation with Anne C. Dodge, an independent writer, research, and preservationist who has worked for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, about her work on documenting motels on historic Route 66. mp3
11/8/10 "Independent Filmmaking in Chicago's South Suburbs," a conversation with Robert Alaniz, Producer-Director of several films and the forthcoming "D.I.N.K.S. - Dual Income No Kids", and Kristin Broadwell, an actress in the film (Broadwell is also Director of Distance Learning at Roosevelt). mp3
9/20/10 "TRIO Programs at Roosevelt," a discussion with Andrea Egle, Associate Director of TRIO Services and Project Prime, about important federally-funded programs that support low-income college students. mp3
9/3/10 "Performing Arts Programming at the Museum of Contemporary Art," a lively conversation with Peter Taub, Director of Performance Programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Among other programs, Taub discusses "The Astronaut's Birthday," a collaboration with Redmoon Theater that uses the exterior of the MCA as its stage. mp3
8/24/10 "Government Affairs and Outreach at Roosevelt University," a disucssion with Lesley Slavitt, Vice President for Government Affairs and University Outreach at Roosevelt University, about the University's new building, branding efforts, and engagement with students. mp3
7/19/10 "Givens' Irish Castle, a Chicago Legend," a conversation with Errol Magidson, a research and documentarian, about Chicago's landmark castle in the city's Beverly/Morgan Park Community. The Irish Castle, built by Robert C. Givins, was completed in 1887 and has a colorful history, described here. mp3
7/13/10 "Student Success at Roosevelt," a discussion with Julie Stock, Director of Academic Advising at Roosevelt University about the changing needs of students and why some students thrive while others struggle. mp3
6/1/10 "U.S. Immigration Policy, the Lived Experience" a conversation with Florentino Herrera, Jr., Assistant Director of Roosevelt's Honors Program, about the real-world effects of immigration policy on the lives of his students and his own family. mp3
5/25/10 "The Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt," a conversation with John Gerson, Ensemble Operations Manager, about life in the College of Performing Arts for students, the challenges of music schools, and his own career as a performer. mp3
4/27/10 "History of Black Chicago," a discussion with Roosevelt Professor Emeritus of History Christopher Reed, author of Black Chicago's First Century, 1833-1900, about his latest research on the history of African Americans in the city and his forthcoming volumes. mp3
3/2/10 "The State of Associations in Chicago," a further look at the world of Associations in Chicago with Christie Tarantino, President & CEO of the Association Forum of Chicagoland, including discussion about how the economic recession has affected non-profit associations and how social networking has impacted the field. mp3
2/22/10 "Roosevelt University's Honors Program, and the state of the Economy," a conversation with with Associate Provost and Economist Sam Rosenberg about the Honors Program at Roosevelt and about his latest research on the state of the U.S. economy. mp3
1/14/10 "Second City's 50th Anniversary," a chat with Robin Hammond, a producer at Second City Theater, about her comedy work and the company's 50th Anniversary celebration with Second City alumni. mp3
12/8/09 "Sustainability Studies," a conversation with Professor Michael Bryson and Carl Zimring about Roosevelt's new Sustainability Studies undergraduate major, and about how sustainability will be a central theme of the 21st century. mp3
11/24/09 "Training and Development at Roosevelt," a discussion with George Vukotich, Chair of the Graduate Program in Training and Development at Roosevelt University, about the exciting and growing field of training and human performance improvement. mp3
11/17/09 "Cabaret in Chicago," a conversation with award-winning singers Joan Curto and Suzanne Petri about their organization, Chicago Cabaret Professionals, an alliance of advocates for the art of cabaret. We also play selections from their recent recordings. mp3
10/6/09 "Ministering to College Students," a discussion with Pastor Megan Jones of the South Look Campus Ministry about faith and community among college students in Chicago. mp3
10/6/09 "Civil Rights History in Chicago," a conversation with Erik Gellman, Assistant Professor of History at Roosevelt University, about the timing and terrain of the history of the civil rights movement in Chicago. mp3
9/29/09 "Laughter,"a discussion with Stuart Flack, Executive Director of the Chicago Humanities Festival, about the exciting programming in this year's festival, built around the theme of "Laughter." The Festival runs from November 2-15, 2009. mp3
9/29/09 "Contemporary Dance and Performance Art," a conversation with Yolanda Cesta Cursach, the Associate Director of Performance Programs a the Museum of Contemporary Art, about dramatic new programming at the MCA. mp3
9/8/09 "Internet Security and Privacy," a conversation with Rich Bialek of Reputation Defender about how individuals can protect themselves in the age of Google, Facebook, and a wide-open internet. mp3
7/19/09 "Blueprint for Disaster: The Unraveling of Chicago Public Housing," a dialogue with host D. Bradford Hunt about his new history of the Chicago Housing Authority just released by the University of Chicago Press. mp3
7/14/09 "Wines of New Zealand," a discussion with Leigh Alderton, International Market Manager for Pernod Ricard Pacific, about the opportunities and challenges of marketing New Zealand wine in the U.S. mp3
7/14/09 "Social Networking and Marketing," a conversation with Derek Hull, Manager of Marketing and Communications for the National Restaurant Association, about the how new social networking technologies like Twitter and blogs have changed the world of marketing. mp3
6/30/09 "The Australia-U.S. Trade Relationship," a conversation with Ian Smith, Trade Commissioner - Consul with the Australian Trade Commission, on the importance of Australian-U.S. trade, ranging from technology to agricultural products. mp3
6/2/09 "Creative Aging," a discussion with Jacquelyn Mattfeld, Director of the Center for Creative Aging at Harold Washington College and former President of Barnard College, about her work in raising awareness on new scholarship and practice in the field of gerontology. mp3
6/2/09 "The Chicago Council on Global Affairs," a conversation with Simon O'Rourke, Director of Programming, about the diverse and important lectures, conferences, and programs put on by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. mp3
5/5/09 "Associations in Chicago," a conversation with Christie Tarantino, President & CEO of the Association Forum of Chicagoland, about the vast "invisible" world of non-profit associations and what they do. mp3
3/25/09 "Juvenile Justice in America," a discussion of research and scholarship in the field of youth and the justice system with Tana McCoy, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Roosevelt University. mp3
2/17/09 "Illinois Politics in the age of Obama," a political dialogue between Interface hosts Arny Reichler and Brad Hunt about the wrenching change in the Illinois Politics with the ascension of President Obama and the disgrace of Governor Blagojevich. mp3
2/3/2009 "Fort Worth," a discussion with Heidi Edinger, Director of Regional Sales for the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau, on the city's cultural attractions, convention business, and history. mp3
1/27/2009 "Chicago Cabaret," a conversation with long-time Chicago jazz and cabaret singer Spider Saloff, who has released a new album, and Allen Nichols, Events Manager at Maxim's in Chicago, about the cabaret scene in this city and the revival of the historic Maxim's nightclub. mp3
12/18/08 "The Chicago Cultural Center," a conversation with Maggy D. Fouche, Director of Marketing for the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs about the center's mission, upcoming programming, and history. mp3
12/9/08 "The Second City" a discussion with Co-Producer Robin Hammond about the Second City Theater Company, its current productions, and its upcoming 50th Anniversary. mp3
11/18/08 "The Challenges of Re-entry for Former Inmates," a conversation with David Disabato, Workforce Development Coordinator for Roosevelt University's Human and Community Renewal Program, about the life-skills needed to help released inmates transition back to productive lives. mp3
11/11/08 "The 2008 Election," a post-election analysis by Charles Madigan, Presidential Writer in Residence at Roosevelt University and author of numerous political histories. mp3
10/28/08 "The Pritzker Military Library," a conversation with Executive Director Ryan Yantis (Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Retired) about the five-year old library's programs, activities, collections, and web site, which includes web- casts and interviews with many living Medal of Honor recipients. mp3
10/21/08 "Thinking Big, the 2008 Chicago Humanities Festival," a conversation with Chicago Humanities Festival Executive Director Stuart Flack and Northwestern University Senior Lecturer Bill Savage about the upcoming festival, including the many first-rate programs on the schedule. mp3
9/18/08 "A History of Recycling," a conversation with Roosevelt University Assistant Professor of Social Science Carl Zimring about his his book, Cash for Your Trash: Scrap Recycling in America, which describes the long social and political history of recycling before the modern age. mp3
9/16/08 "Adult Education at Roosevelt," a conversation with Roosevelt University Assistant Dean Audrey Guy about the challenges facing adult students seeking to return to college. mp3
8/12/08 "Stagesong," a conversation with composer Clay Horath and Roosevelt University's Jeff Helgeson about their new Collage Productions work entitled "Stagesong," performed on September 7, 2008. The production included a reading by Jeff Helgeson of "Fall From Grace," a one-man play originally produced by Victory Gardens Theatre about Mies van der Rohe. mp3
7/1/08 "The Oxford House Approach to Drug Rehabilitation," a conversation with DePaul University Professor of Psychology Leonard Jason about his latest book, Creating Communities For Addiction Recovery: The Oxford House Model, which describes the success of a residential, community-based, resident-managed alternative for recovery. mp3
7/1/08 "Workplace Diversity and the Changing Human Resources Environment," a conversation with Roosevelt's Director of Employment, Toyia Stewart about the challenges of recruiting a diverse workforce. mp3
6/18/08 "Campus Security: Preparing for the Worst," a conversation with Roosevelt's Assistant Vice President for Campus Safety Robert Fitzpatrick and Assistant Professor of Public Administration LaVonne Downey about emergency preparedness in the wake of campus tragedies. mp3
4/29/08 "Restoration of the Tiffany Dome at the Chicago Cultural Center," a conversation with restoration expert Neal A. Vogal and cultural historian Tim Samuelson about the work to preserve and restore one of the largest Tiffany windows in the world. mp3
4/29/08 "Campagna in Italy: A Food Lover's Paradise," a conversation with Manuela Barzan, a director of tourism for Italian government, and Marlena Spieler, a Food Columnist for the San Franciso Chronicle about food and travel in southern Italy's Campagna region. mp3
4/8/08 "Harold Washington and his Legacy," a discussion of the later Mayor (and Roosevelt Alum) with Mary Gerace, Program Director of the Harold Washington Commemorative Year, mp3
4/1/08 "The City of Chicago's Support for Theater in Chicago," a discussion with Claire Geall Sutton, Director of the Chicago Department of Theater at the Chicago Cultural Center, mp3
3/4/08 "Looks and How it Matters," a discussion with Professor of Marketing Gordon Patzer about his new book, Looks: Why They Matter More than You Ever Imagined (New York: Amacom, 2008) mp3
2/12/08 "Technology and Society," a conversation with Professor of History and Social Science Daniel Headrick, author of numerous books on the history of Technology and World History mp3
1/29/08 "The Challenges of College," a conversation with Nancy Litke, director of Roosevelt's Academic Success Center, about the challenges of providing support services to students mp3
12/19/07 "Computer Phobias," a discussion with adjunct Computer Science instructor Deonna Alexander, about the difficulties some people experience in adapting to computers mp3
12/4/07 "ShawChicago," a conversation with Robert (Bob) Scoggin, the founder and artistic director of the theater company ShawChicago, which performs the works of playwright George Bernard Shaw mp3
11/13/07 "The Joffrey Ballet," a discussion with Ariel Augustyn, Patron Services Associate with the Joffrey Ballet, about the company's history and upcoming season mp3
11/6/07 "The Black Labor Movement and Civil Rights History," a discussion with Assistant Professor of History Erik Gellman on his research into the Negro National Congress and into black activism in the late 1960s mp3
10/23/07 "The 2007 Chicago Humanities Festival," with Peter Kuntz, Managing Director of the Chicago Humanities Festival, who discusses the festival's theme, a "Climate of Concern," and highlights several of the festival's programs mp3
10/23/07 "The Michigan Avenue Lights Festival," discussing this annual event (held on November 17, 2007) with committee members Nicole Jachimiak of the Swissotel and John Curran of the Chicago Trolley Company mp3
9/20/2007 "The Brother: The Untold Story of the Rosenbergs," with playwright and producer John Hancock mp3
9/18/2007 "The Collapse of the Great American Newspaper," with author Charles Madigan, former editor at the Chicago Tribune and Writer-in-Residence at Roosevelt University mp3
8/23/2007 "The Importance of Human Resources," Deb Ford, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, Roosevelt University mp3
8/2/2007 "American Conservatism Today," Tim Mollenkamp, Financial Analyst, Roosevelt University mp3
7/19/2007 "Mental Health in Nigeria," Sister Gloria Njoku, Instructor in Psychology, DePaul University mp3
6/20/2007 "World Regional Geography," Alan Hobscheid, Instructor in Geography, Roosevelt University mp3
6/12/2007 "Associations of Associations," Gary Labranche, President and CEO of the Association Forum of Chicagoland mp3
5/15/2007 "Rahm Emmanuel and the Elections of 2006," Naftali Bendavid, Chicago Tribune reporter and author of The Thumpin': How Rahm Emanuel and the Democrats Learned to Be Ruthless and Ended the Republican Revolution (2007) mp3
4/30/2007 "Consumer Reviews on the Internet", Andrew Chen, CEO, mp3
3/29/2007 "History of Lynching in America," Doria D. Johnson, Trustee of Shorefront - the African American Historical Society of Chicago's North Shore mp3
3/20/2007 "The Practice of Oral History," a discussion with host Brad Hunt mp3
2/22/2007 "The Election of 2006 and Beyond," Ray Wright, Professor of Computer Science, Roosevelt University mp3
2/15/2007 "And Then Again," a new musical, Jeff Helgeson, Huck Walton, and Clayton Horath, producers mp3
2/1/2007 "Hosteling in Chicago," Amanda Booth and Lisa Miller, Program Coordinators with Hosteling International - Chicago mp3
1/8/2007 "History of New Orleans," Sandra Frink, Assistant Professor of History, Roosevelt University mp3
12/21/2006 "Maxwell Street," Lori Grove, The Maxwell Street Foundation and co-author of Chicago's Maxwell Street (2002) mp3
12/14/2006 "The Freedom Museum" Sean Healy, Resident Scholar, The McCormick Foundation Freedom Museum mp3