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Alumni Stories - What Our Graduates Have to Say

It has taken me six years to earn my Master’s Degree in Training and Development at Roosevelt University.  In these past six years I’ve learned a lot and I’ve grown even more as a person.  As I look back, I’m overcome with feelings of gratitude.  I am a single mom to three children and I also work a full-time job.  It would have been impossible for me to attend classes in a traditional setting.  I’m so thankful that Roosevelt offered this course of study online.   I’m also fortunate because I’m in the situation where my job has helped me with my classes, and my classes have helped me in my job.  I can transfer much of what I’ve learned to my job almost immediately and what I can’t use right away, I can tuck away for future reference.  It’s also important to me to set an example to my children – that they can make their dreams a reality with determination and perseverance. 

-– Christina Prushinski

Christina Prushinski, MATD, 2015

On May 21 I will begin my career as an Instructional Design and Development Specialist for Direct Energy in Tulsa, OK.  I gradauted with my MATD from Roosevelt in December of 2011 and I'm so excited to be using the skills and knowledge I gained while in the program.  The capstone project at Roosevelt, my portfolio, proved instrumental in securing me the position.  The feedback I received from my instructors and peers on the projects contained in my portfolio contributed to making it a successful tool in promoting my ability to potential employers.  The overwhelmingly positive response to my portfolio gave me the confidence that the education I received at Roosevelt not only provided me with an array of knowledge and theory, but also practical application that employers would find beneficial. 

-Jeffery Scott, MATD, 2011

I am a financial executive and entered RU’s Training and Development program to prepare for my retirement career as a financial trainer and adjunct faculty. While completing the core courses for my Graduate Certificate in Training and Development, I discovered how suitable and applicable many of the classes were for my current line of work. Courses such as Organization Development, Managing Organizational Change, Human Performance Improvement, and Project Management have all proven to be highly relevant for my daily managerial challenges as a Vice President of Finance. I have come to consider RU’s TRDV program to be the perfect complement of the MBA program that I graduated from a few years ago.

RU’s TRDV program has allowed me to concentrate on the practical applications of the studied material without neglecting the theoretical basis, always enabling immediate transfer of the learning into my work life. RU’s faculty of experienced practitioners as well as accomplished scholars is always supportive of my individual academic goals. The variety of course delivery, face to face, online, as well as blended formats has ensured maximum flexibility for me as I balance a challenging career and family responsibilities with ongoing academic progress. The program’s administrative support has been outstanding in its efficiency and responsiveness to my concerns and suggestions.

- Juergen Juffa, MATD, 2011, Vice President, Finance, Komet of America, Inc.

Mallory GottI thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a master's candidate in Roosevelt's Human Performance Improvement program.  Each of my courses incorporated projects and group work that not only mimicked real-world scenarios, but also allowed me to build a solid portfolio of resources and tools to utilize on the job.  In fact, only one month after I graduated, I created a business case and complimentary ROI projection employing a template I had created in one of my TRDV classes, and I was ecstatic when our $150,000 funding request was approved as a result!

In addition to the excellent course work, Roosevelt’s master's program introduced me to a large group of both professors and students in the TRDV field.  Not only did they provide a wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience, but they also helped me expand my professional network.  In my final year as a master's candidate at Roosevelt, I was contacted about and elected to ASTD's Chicago land Chapter board as a result of the connections I'd built at Roosevelt.

All and all, my experience in Roosevelt's TRDV program was exceptional. I would recommend the program to anyone looking for a hands-on approach to learning and workplace performance!

- Mallory Gott, MAHPI, 2010 , senior manager, education and programs, Association Forum of Chicagoland

Doug SellersWhen I made my decision to pursue my Masters Degree in the Training & Development program at Roosevelt University, I was very heavily considering another university and leaning towards that decision.  Then I received a postcard from Roosevelt’s Training & Development Program that changed my life forever.

What impressed me the most initially was if and when I had a question concerning the university or the TRDV program, I would call or email and would have a response in less than 24 hours, many times immediately.  Deb Colky, Vince Cyboran, and Tara Hawkins were my first points of contact at Roosevelt University.  Their attention to detail and their level of “customer service” they provided me was the draw that convinced me to pursue my degree at Roosevelt.  Once my interest was captured, the classes offered in the TRDV program just seemed to be the right fit for my career intentions and pursuits and they have served me well.

Spending the past few years in the TRDV program at Roosevelt has had such a powerful and positive impact on my personal and professional life!  The relationships and friendships that I’ve been blessed to establish with faculty, staff and classmates have proved to be invaluable!!!!

I am so thankful and grateful to those individuals who have touched my life as a result of the time spent and shared in the TRDV program, as well as the decision that I made in pursuing my Masters at Roosevelt University!  

- Doug Sellers, MATD, 2010, Training Specialist, Sysco Business Services

If you are thinking about furthering your education, think Roosevelt University. It is an established university with a proven track record of high educational standards. Roosevelt has wonderful faculty and an excellent support staff for IT and all aspects of the virtual learning world.

- Jeffrey Scott, MATD, 2008; head of training, DNV Healthcare Inc.

Since attending Roosevelt, I have been promoted to a senior-level position, I’ve been assigned to high-profile projects, my coworkers consult with me on their own projects and other departments reach out to me for my expertise. Roosevelt has given me the confidence and credibility to advance my career.

- Brian B. Niemiec, MATD, 2010, senior training specialist, Research and Development, Human Genome Sciences, Inc.

I chose Roosevelt because of the faculty and staff’s open minds to diversity and commitment to creating change. Roosevelt has a great future forward vision, values, mission and sense of community.

- Dana Schuster, MATD, ‘09