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Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership (OLED) provides a multi-disciplinary approach to leadership issues, combining management science, humanities, social sciences, research science, communication arts, technology, and ethics. The qualities most sought, but seldom found by employers are those of leadership. Survey after survey indicates the primary importance of effective communication skills, group and team dynamics, and strategic thinking to success in any field.  Students develop the skills needed to create a positive impact in the workplace by focusing on the "human side" of organizations. This program is dedicated to training leaders skilled in managing innovation and change. The faculty bring to the classes both expertise in theory and practical workplace experience. 

Topics include: principles of effective leadership, organizational structure and communication, managing change, negotiation and conflict management, decision-making principles, diversity management, and communication processes.

Upon successful completion of the program:

  • Possess an understanding of themselves, others, and their organizations in order to identify a personal organizational leadership style which fits within those contexts;
  • Identify necessary organizational leadership skills in given situations and prepare a plan of action for improving organizational leadership abilities;
  • Engender commitment and engagement among others within the context of their organization;
  • Value diversity and apply its strengths while leading in their organizations;
  • Critically think about decisions in a manner that is socially responsible and responsivep;
  • Demonstrate a persuasive and collaborative approach which encourages a teaming environment; and
  • Help build organizations that can innovate and change in order to respond to an ever changing environment.

Potential career paths for OLED graduates include consulting, employee development, employee recruitment, health care administration, association management, information management, human resources, labor relations, law enforcement, management, project management, strategic planning, training, and virtual organization management.