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Personal and Career Development and Academic Boot Camp

We provide two free programs, Personal and Career Development Class and Academic Boot Camp, which you can begin immediately after your discharge/release. The purpose of these programs is to assess your skills, provide any necessary remediation for your academic pursuits and prepare you for a successful transition to community life.

Our Personal and Career Development Class includes:

  • Making wise, ethical decisions;
  • Honing your personal value system;
  • Improving your interpersonal communication skills;
  • Enhancing your self esteem;
  • Improving your conflict resolution skills; 
  • Anger management; 
  • Understanding cultural diversity and tolerance; 
  • Pursuing responsibility in relationships; 
  • Living a healthy lifestyle; and 
  • Managing stress.

Our Academic Boot Camp includes:

  • Enhancing basic writing, speaking and presentation skills;
  • Learning to formulate, present, and defend an argument; 
  • Learning to think critically and to evaluate information in everyday life; and 
  • Understanding the basis for ethical thinking.

Internship Preparation & the Internship Experience

We have partnered with a number of companies to provide internship opportunities specifically designed for returning citizens. The experience begins with the internship preparation followed by the internship experience.

Internship Preparation

During this pre-internship phase, returning citizens will meet with a career counselor to:

  • Recognize your personal aptitudes;
  • Explore career possibilities;
  • Hone your job application and interview skills;
  • Build your resume; and
  • Learn what it takes to have a successful internship experience.

The Internship Experience

We will work with our partners to place you in a paid 15-25 hour weekly workplace assignment commensurate with your skill set. We will work with your onsite supervisor to monitor your progress and ensure that you have a successful internship experience.