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Human and Community Renewal Department

Life Skills Reentry Program

Our Mission

The Department of Human and Community Renewal at Roosevelt University is committed to helping previously incarcerated citizens returnin to community and family life.  We offer Life Skills training in the following areas:

  • Assessment of academic capabilities and provision for remediation, if necessary;
  • Work and life skills preparation;
  • Transitional counseling to community life;
  • The opportunity to earn a college degree; and
  • Internship work experience needed to prepare for viable careers in the workplace.

What We Provide

We provide transitional programming for returning citizens who have been away from the community and classroom for several years. We give you the opportunity to ease back into your studies. This might include a math refresher, a writing refresher, or just someone to talk with to make your transition more seamless.

You will meet with an RU career counselor to determine the path that is right for you. We will work with you to determine how your current skills, along with additional education, can lead to the greatest opportunities. If necessary, you can attend an optional Academic Boot Camp which will prepare you for academic success in your formal studies. Also, you will meet with an RU program advisor to discuss admissions, financial aid, sponsorships and scholarship opportunities.

We provide you the opportunity to earn the bachelor's degree of your choice and we give you the equivalent of about one year of academic credit for your life experience.

We provide you with a two-week (half-day) job readiness and skill development course, entitled Personal and Career Development, to prepare you for employment. We will teach you how to develop an electronic resume and how to use the internet to find job opportunities. We will work with you to improve your computer skills, sharpen your interviewing skills, and work on personal growth and development of soft skills.

Who We Are

We have a partnership with a number of organizations who understand the problems of returning citizens and, in turn, would like to prepare you for success in employment community.

Planning Your Course of Study

Click here to learn about our Fast-Track programs for returning adults.