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ELP Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get a degree at Roosevelt University but I need to improve my English. Should I apply for ELP first?

No. You do not need to apply to ELP first.  If you know the degree program you want at Roosevelt University, you can apply directly to that program.  If you haven’t met the English language proficiency requirements, you can Take the ELP Test and be placed in ELP classes.

Do I need to take the TOEFL?

No.  All non-native speakers of English who study at Roosevelt University must meet the University’s Language Proficiency Requirement.  They may do this in one of two ways:  by providing TOEFL and TWE  or IELTs scores at the Required Levels Requirement OR by taking the Roosevelt University English Language Proficiency Test and completing all English courses required on the basis of test results.

I took ESL classes at another college. Will those classes fulfill RU English language proficiency requirements?

No.  ESL classes from other colleges and universities will not fulfill the RU English language proficiency requirements.

When is the next ELP Test?

ELP Tests are scheduled throughout the year.  See the registration pages for Chicago and Schaumburg for the date of the next test.

How do I sign up for the ELP Test?

The majority of new international students take the ELP Test during Orientation Week before RU classes start in fall and spring semesters. New students who live in the Chicago area may sign up online to take one of the earlier ELP Tests.  See the registration pages for Chicago and Schaumburg for the date of the next test.

How much does the ELP Test cost?

There is no cost for the ELP Test.  Students must apply to Roosevelt University and pay the application fee before they may take the ELP Test.

What type of test is the ELP Test?

Go to ELP Placement Testing for a description of the ELP Test.

How many ELP classes will I have to take?

The number of ELP classes you will have to take will depend on your performance on the ELP Test. 

Can I take classes in my major while I am taking ELP classes?

Maybe.  If a student is not required to take a full credit load of ELP classes, they may take some non-ELP classes in order to maintain their visa or financial aid status.

Will I have to take the TOEFL or the ELP Test again after I finish my ELP classes?

No. After you pass all your ELP classes with the minimum grade required by your major department, you do not have to take the TOEFL or the ELP Test again.