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Criminal Justice

Roosevelt's Criminal Justice degrees prepare students for leadership roles within the criminal justice field. Our core courses dive into contemporary issues facing the decision-makers of the American criminal justice system, with an emphasis on the skills necessary to become an effective leader.  Our courses also explore the tensions and challenges in the criminal justice system from a social justice perspective, seeking to improve our current system for the benefit of all.  We offer the following degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice for New Freshman and Transfer students
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice for Adult students
  • Minor in Criminal Justice

What does Roosevelt's Criminal Justice degree do for you?

  • Prepares graduates for successful careers in policing, homeland security, courts, corrections, juvenile justice, child and victim advocacy, security and associated support agencies;
  • Prepares graduates to become effective leader/practitioners who are responsible for serving their community in a highly ethical and effective way;
  • Prepares graduates for supervisory and management roles in the increasingly diverse field of Criminal Justice;
  • Provides a foundation for law school and continuing life-long professional development as a policy-maker;
  • Fosters dedication toward a global, service-oriented, leadership perspective with the implementation of professional values in the criminal justice field;
  • Prepares graduates to become informed consumers of information, to share that information with public and agencies, and to deliver justice in an ethical and socially conscious manner; and
  • Both degree programs will prepare the student for advanced education in graduate school.

Why study criminal justice at Roosevelt University in Chicago?

  • Learn how a society maintains social control while protecting individual rights;
  • Learn how to apply the constitution to everyday life;
  • Learn what causes criminal behavior, and what makes effective crime policy;
  • Learn how to control, deter and punish crime;
  • Understand the role of police, prosecutors, the courts, defense attorneys, juries, jails and prisons; and
  • Learn how the American criminal justice system compares to other countries.

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