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Advanced Therapy Externship

About The Advanced Therapy Externship

Located at the Chicago campus, the advanced therapy externship at Roosevelt University Counseling Center begins in mid-August and ends in late May. Following the orientation in mid-August; each extern will assume the schedule negotiated with the Training Coordinator. Externs are expected to be on-site for 21 work hours each week over a period of 3 or 4 days. Often externs are on site for 24 hours per week if their schedules encompass the noon lunch hour (when the center is closed).

The externship is at the advanced level and eligible for those students who have completed a therapy practicum (either master’s or doctoral).  In addition, preference will be given to applicants demonstrating interest, familiarity, and/or experience in university/college counseling and with giving psycho-educational presentations, workshops, or seminars.

Each week, externs will have 11-12 direct service hours with therapy clients (8-9 hours individual, or 7 individual plus 2 hours group process observation), intake assessment (2 hours), consultation (1 hour) and risk assessment/crisis management (as needed). Externs work two evenings until 6pm, Monday through Thursday. Required training times are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am – 2pm, in order to participate in meetings and seminars. Externs will have 6 days of personal leave time, in addition to University holidays.

Throughout the practicum, externs are required to participate in either a clinical seminar or individual supervision in their doctoral program. Prior to seeing clients, each trainee must provide written proof of coverage under an occurrence-based, professional liability insurance policy with $1,000,000/$3,000,000 minimum limits, that is to be maintained throughout the practicum contract.

Clinical Experience

Externs will gain experience working with a highly diverse client population across many domains including presenting problems, psychopathology and life-stage issues; socioeconomic, racial, religious/spiritual, sexual, gender, and other cultural identity factors; as well as  educational and career interests.

The Advanced Therapy Externship experience includes:

  • Brief Psychotherapy (12 session model)
  • Long-term Therapy (2-3 clients)
  • Group Therapy (Process Observation)
  • Comprehensive intake and Triage Assessment
  • Crisis Intervention (with supervision)
  • Case Management & Referral
  • Consultation to Students, Faculty & Staff

Outreach Experience

Externs will have the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the Roosevelt community by providing outreach services. The Counseling Center staff offers programs and services through a variety of formats, including workshops, seminars, table events, internet-based information and interventions, and informational brochures and newsletter articles. The content of the wellness programs and services varies depending upon the needs of the University community and the externs’ skills and interests.

 Externship opportunities include:

  • Developing and presenting a seminar or workshop
  • Writing an article for our Illuminations newsletter
  • Training and in-services for Resident Assistants
  • Orientation activities for traditional, commuter, and international students
  • Sexual responsibility and drug prevention programming
  • Creation of an original outreach project

Supervision and Training

The Counseling Center staff is committed to training and shares the philosophy that supervision and mentoring are essential in helping advanced externs develop their professional confidence, competence, and autonomy. Each supervisor’s goal is that the extern leaves the practicum with an understanding of how to effectively comprehend and intervene in their clients’ lives in a grounded manner that integrates theory, technique, and practical understanding with a basic respect for the individual. Although training focuses on client material and process, the extern’s developmental needs, theoretical integration, and diagnostic utilization of countertransference are essential.

Externs participate in the following supervision and training activities:


Orientation is focused on the key theoretical, technical, ethical, multicultural and diagnostic issues that relate to the delivery of services in a university setting. Didactic readings are utilized.

Individual Supervision:

Each extern will receive two hours weekly of individual supervision by a licensed clinical psychologist. Externs utilize audio & video recordings of their therapy sessions in supervision. Supervisors primarily embrace  an integrative theoretical orientation that relies upon psychodynamic/relational, multicultural, feminist and cognitive theories.

Group Supervision:

Externs meet one hour weekly with a Postdoctoral Staff member. Content varies according to extern needs and may include emphasis on assessment, therapy and tape listening, theory, ethics, and other relevant topics.

Clinical Seminar:

Externs and supervisors rotate case presentations during this weekly, one-hour seminar. In addition, supervisors and outside speakers will present on topics primarily focused on therapy, ethics, and specialty populations, with some variation according to extern need and interest. Externs will have the opportunity to develop their oral, written, and case conceptualization skills during the course of the seminar.

Intake Disposition and Staff Meeting:

Clinical staff gathers together weekly to briefly present intake clients and make recommendations for treatment planning. Diagnosis at intake is also emphasized.

Outreach Seminar:

This seminar meets regularly and focuses on how to develop effective wellness programs. Externs are required to develop and implement at least one outreach program in the  training year and assist with other programs as requester. They receive consultation, support and guidance on these projects in this seminar led by Senior Staff.

Multicultural Seminar:

This one-hour seminar meets regularly to focus on  acquiring knowledge in the area of multicultural issues. The seminar will be led by  Postdoctoral Staff who will assist externs in exploring their own identity and increasing self-awareness while developing skills to work competently with diverse populations.

Application Process

Applications are being accepted electronically ONLY this year. We will have you fill out a survey with basic contact information and then you will upload your application materials directly in that survey program. Please make sure that you complete the ONLINE application survey and DO NOT send materials to Dr. Murarka by postal mail or email.

Please note that applications are accepted ELECTRONICALLY ONLY by completing a survey link that is posted here:

Applications will be accepted between February 8, 2016 and February 14, 2016.

Required Application Materials**:

  1. Cover letter including the reasons you seek an externship at the RU Counseling Center

  2. Curriculum vitae

  3. Copy of transcript

  4. List of academic classes to be completed during externship

  5. Three (3) letters of recommendation (PDF version preferred), at least one of which is from a clinical supervisor

**Ideally, all application materials are in PDF form – but the survey will accept other formats such as MS Word.

Please direct questions to:

Kusha Murarka, Psy.D.
Assistant Director & Training Coordinator

Application procedures are in adherence with ACEPT guidelines that can be seen at:

Roosevelt University Counseling Center
430 S. Michigan Ave. AUD 470 - Chicago, IL 60605
1400 N. Roosevelt Blvd. Rm 114 - Schaumburg, IL 60173 - (312) 341-3548