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What to Expect

Once you've scheduled an initial session you may wonder what to expect from ongoing therapy.  Below is a little information that may clarify what you can expect from your therapy sessions.  Of course, we encourage anyone interested in counseling or with questions that aren't covered on this page to contact us at (312) 341-3548 or stop by our offices in AUD 470 and SCH 114.

What can I expect if I decide to try therapy?

Individual and couples counseling sessions generally last 45 to 50 minutes and are usually held once a week, but can be held more or less often when appropriate.  Small-group therapy sessions are held once a week and generally last 90 minutes.

When you come to therapy, you can expect to be able to share your thoughts and feelings in confidence with a professional who will listen attentively and who will not judge you.  Although therapists differ somewhat in their approaches, there are certain similarities which characterize the counseling relationship.  In this relationship, the therapist is a facilitator in helping you to understand your feelings and behaviors, relationships with others, and your particular situation, choices and decisions.  In addition to easing the problem at hand, therapy provides new skills and ways of looking at situations.  You can then apply these skills if difficult issues arise after therapy has ended.

Will people find out I went to see a counselor?

The Counseling Center fully adheres to all professional, legal, and ethical standards. for all of our services.  The infomation you share with our staff is confidential.  With the exception of rare situations where we believe that you or someone else is in danger, or when otherwise required by a court of law, no information about you will be shared outside of the Counseling Center without our permission.  This includes the fact that you are receiving services at the Counseling Center.

What exactly is group therapy?

In group therapy, a small number of students meet with one or two therapists.  Groups are often the best way for people to receive counseling services.  In groups, members have the opportunity to share concerns and listen to each other; give and receive feedback; offer support to one another; express feelings; and learn more about how they interact with others.

Who is eligible for couples counseling?

The Counseling Center is committed to helping students work through problems they might be having in their relationships.  Students in married, unmarried, traditional and non-traditional relationships are welcome to attend.  One member of the couple must be an actively enrolled student at Roosevelt.

Do you prescribe medication?

Psychologists do not prescribe medication in the state of Illinois, but psychiatrists do.  We do not have any psychiatrists on staff at Roosevelt, but we can refer you to psychiatrists in the area.


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