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Reasons to join a group

Group works! In studies comparing group to individual therapy, group therapy has been shown to be as effective and sometimes even more effective than individual therapy. Check out the kinds of groups offered at Roosevelt!

The following are brief descriptions of the groups currently offered at the Counseling Center. The details about when and where they are offered are located on our Groups Offered page.

Interpersonal Process Groups (IPGs) are for students seeking personal growth and social connection. Participants will help each other develop greater self-awareness and increased ability to develop satisfying relationships. The idea is that by interacting with others in a safe and trusting environment, participants can learn from each other, while giving and receiving support around the many personal issues that university students confront.


Some Reasons to Join an IPG


Reduces Isolation- You're Not As Different Or Alone As You Think Normalizes Experience - "It's Not Just Me, I'm Not Alone"

Supportive - Receive Support And Share Your Wisdom

Learn With. And From Other People

Function Better In Relationships

Learn And Practice New Skills

Understand Yourself Better

No Session Limits!


An IPG Could Help If You Are…


 Isolated Or Depressed

Shy And Easily Embarrassed

Troubled By Relationships / Communication

Wanting To Connect With Others Like You

Seeking To Improve Interpersonal Effectiveness

Seeking To Understand Why You Act The Way You Do

Individuals can benefit from membership in an interpersonal group in the following ways:

  • Gain greater self- awareness
  • Understand their relationships better
  • Improve existing and future relationships
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Learn to trust others
  • Foster personal growth

Mindfulness Groups: Mindfulness groups are drop-in groups open to the entire RU community. These groups meet on around campus and focus on learning and practicing mindfulness for self-awareness, stress management, and general wellbeing. Groups are led by Counseling Center Staff and sessions may entail education, meditation, breathing techniques and other strategies to enhance awareness and cope with daily stressors. 

How Have Students Been Impacted By Group?

• 88% of RU students who participated in group therapy agreed that their overall insight into their relationship patterns have increased

• 94% of RU students who participated in group therapy agreed that group therapy has helped make positive changes in their life

• 88% of RU students who participated in group therapy agreed that they were able to manage their emotional well-being

• 81% of RU students who participated in group therapy agreed to having a greater understanding of themselves and others.

• 88% of RU students who participated in group therapy agreed that they could relate better to others as result of their experience in group.

• 94% of RU students who participated in group therapy were satisfied with their group experience.

I think I’m interested in group therapy, how do I get started?

It is normal to have questions when trying something new. The counseling center offers group screening appointments so that you can meet with prospective group leaders, discuss your concerns and goals, and learn about the group. You and the group leaders will decide if a group is right for you. For more information, call 312-341-3548. For counseling groups an initial intake appointment will also be needed.




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