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Group Therapy

Group counseling is frequently the treatment of choice for college students; in many ways group counseling is the very best of what we have to offer. If group counseling has been recommended to you it’s because your counselor believes that it is the best way to address your concerns. What is talked about in group is confidential and not discussed outside the group.

Group counseling brings together a small number of individuals (usually 6-8) with one or more trained group leaders. Group members share what is troubling them. The process of sharing with each other, listening to each other, giving and receiving feedback, offering support and expressing their feelings about what someone else says or does can be extremely helpful. Group members begin to see that they are not alone. This interaction encourages individuals to develop new ways of behaving and learning more about how they interact with others. As a result, the original difficulties people brought to group become resolved.

In order to make group most effective, the first few sessions are geared towards establishing trust and safety. During this time, members usually work to establish a level of trust that allows them to talk personally and honestly. Group trust is enhanced when all members make a commitment to the group. Interested students are encouraged to commit to 5 sessions. If at that time you feel group is not adequately meeting your needs, we ask that you come to the group for one last session and say good-bye.

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