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A background in psychology is essential in today’s complex society to gain an understanding of why people and groups behave as they do and how individuals struggle to achieve their full human potential.

The Department of Psychology is the largest academic program in the College of Arts and Sciences. It offers a rich array of courses and course sequences for more specialized studies. There is an equal balance available between the scientific tradition of experimental psychology and all of the major domains of applied psychology. Students may learn about human sexuality, social psychology, child and adult psychopathology, multicultural psychology, and stress management. There are courses and course sequences on research methods and statistics, biopsychology, multicultural psychology and cultural diversity, forensic psychology, and the entire human lifespan from infancy to old age. The traditional areas of experimental psychology are available for study, including sensation-perception, cognitive processes, personality theory, and learning-memory.

Students may choose to major or minor in Psychology or earn a concentration in Child and Family Studies, Neuroscience or Forensic Psychology. A degree in Psychology provides an excellent foundation for graduate studies in any aspect of psychology or related human services. Knowledge of psychological principles is a valued skill for any career or job description that involves working with people.

Available Programs