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International Studies


Students should consult the program coordinator before registration each semester to assure that requirements are met and that the electives constitute a coherent program that is tailored to the student’s interests. Students who wish to pursue specialized topics may do so by independent study; however, no independent study may be undertaken until the core sequence has been completed. Each independent study course must have the approval of the program coordinator. Only one independent study course may be taken for credit in the major.

Students are strongly encouraged to undertake study abroad. Roosevelt’s Office of International Programs will assist students in selecting and applying for study abroad programs. The program coordinator will assist in selecting courses once the student has been admitted to a program.

Students may also deepen their learning and gain valuable work experience through internships with an agency or organization that deals with international issues and populations. Stipulations for internships are the same as for independent study.


Students who major in International Studies must complete 12 courses (36 credit hours) in the program, each with a grade of C or higher. This includes a set of five core courses and seven electives.

Students must complete 15 credits at the 300-level in the major. Electives must be drawn from more than one discipline. The list of courses appears with information on the major, below.

At least five courses in international studies must be taken at Roosevelt University.

Available Programs