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Students who major in English will undertake a course of study designed to develop knowledge in literary trends, themes, and genres as well as skills in critical interpretation and written communication. In advanced courses, students will investigate the structure, style, intellectual content, historical significance, and cultural context of the literature produced in Great Britain and the United States as well as Anglophone literature from around the world. This extensive textual study will foster appreciation of diverse cultural values and of the means by which culture is transmitted through language.

The English faculty has designed the curriculum in the firm belief that acquiring cultural knowledge and strengthening skills in research, analysis, and communication are not only intellectually rewarding but also valuable to students with a variety of goals, such as pursuing graduate degrees in English literature and language; teaching English in secondary schools or in foreign countries; pursuing careers in professions such as law, medicine, technology, or business; working in any field for which cultural awareness and strong analytical, interpretive, research, and writing skills are desired.

Students majoring in other disciplines may choose to minor in English. Although not as extensive as the major curriculum, the minor will also develop cultural knowledge and critical communication skills that complement a student’s work in any of the other academic majors in the university.

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