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Mathematics is an essential tool for developing theory and research in a broad range of quantitative fields. The study of Mathematics provides training in disciplined thought and analysis. Students learn to apply the ideas of mathematics to other fields of knowledge and to communicate mathematics effectively. The programs of study leading to the bachelor’s degrees prepare graduates for a variety of professions as well as for continuing study at the graduate level.


Students will be placed based on their ACT or SAT scores (for tests taken within two years of the semester entered); however, students are strongly encouraged to take the Roosevelt University Assessment test to ensure proper placement into an appropriate level Mathematics course. Students who do sufficiently well on this exam may have some of their prerequisite coursework waived. If there is no ACT or SAT score within the past two years, the RUA is required for placement. Transfer students may not need to take the math portion of the RUA if they have transferable math classes appropriate for their degree.

Email the Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising at to confirm whether the math RUA can be waived.

Students who have passed MATH 095, MATH 096, MATH 100, MATH 101, or MATH 103 or who have been advised that they do not need to take a math course should consult an advisor in their major or in the Mathematics program before taking their next Math course. Students who feel that their RUA score or ACT score does not adequately reflect their placement should consult with their advisor about the Math PReP program.


General Education Mathematics requirements

Students may count no more than 12 semester hours of credit in mathematics courses at the 100 level toward graduation. The following guide may aid these students:

  • Most of the math courses make use of web-based software that must be purchased along with the textbook by the student.
  • MATH 095 and 096 are developmental mathematics courses designed to prepare students for college level coursework. These courses feature individualized coursework and may be repeated up to four times. They do not count for college credit. (As of Fall 2012 they replace MATH 090/099/100/101/103).
  • MATH 095 is the prerequisite for MATH 105, MATH 110, MATH 115, and MATH 116. Students may test out of MATH 095 or they may take MATH 095 or MATH 096 to fulfill this prerequisite.
  • MATH 096 is the prerequisite for MATH 121. Students may test out of MATH 096.
  • Undecided students who are placed into developmental mathematics are advised to take MATH 096.
  • MATH 105 and MATH 115 are specifically designed for elementary education and early childhood majors.
  • MATH 110 is designed to give students an understanding of some of the applications of mathematics to other disciplines. It fulfills the mathematics general education requirement in the College of Arts and Sciences. It is recommended for all students in majors that do not have a specific math requirement.
  • MATH 116 is for majors in the social sciences or business administration preparing for a course in statistics.
MATH 121 is for business students and students going on to MATH 122 and MATH 231.

Available Programs