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Biology offers courses in the life sciences designed to teach students biological concepts and principles with emphasis on individual laboratory experiences. The curriculum provides a sound basis for professional training in biology, biotechnology, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, allied health, and teaching, as well as for general science education. Biology and Allied Health majors with strong academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply to the Roosevelt Scholars Program, the honors curriculum of the university.

See the Allied Health program listing for degree programs leading to clinical licensing for fields such as Medical Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology and Radiation Therapy Technology.


All students majoring in Biology must complete the core sequence (BIOL 201, 202, and 301), followed by biology electives. The core sequence provides a foundation in biology and the fundamentals of doing science. It also meets the needs of nonmajors who wish to prepare for admission to medical, dental, or veterinary school. Entering biology students with college biology credits may take a biology assessment test which will determine their placement in the core biology courses and which may exempt them from certain core courses.

Note that completion of the core biology sequence also requires the completion of CHEM 201, 202, 211, and MATH 121. Students planning to take the biology or pre-professional core sequence should complete these prerequisites as early in their academic careers as possible and consult with a biology faculty advisor soon after admission to construct an academic plan.

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