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The Chemistry program offers a Bachelor of Science degree that is certified by the American Chemical Society and a Bachelor of Arts degree. Graduation with the approved BS degree meets the eligibility requirements for membership in the American Chemical Society. Both programs provide sound training in the fundamental principles and the basic experimental techniques for the understanding of the interaction of matter.

The BS degree is appropriate for those students who will continue to study or work in chemistry or the natural sciences. The BA degree is a useful option for those students who wish a strong scientific background but who are considering taking a wider variety of courses or pursuing study or work in another area such as pharmacy, dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, government, business, environmental science, or law. Course requirements are different for each degree. Chemistry majors interested in teaching science in the high schools should meet with an advisor early in their program to plan an appropriate course sequence. Chemistry majors with strong academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply to the Roosevelt Scholars Program.

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