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Film Studies, Minor

Offered in: CHICAGO

Students interested in film may complete this six-course sequence that emphasizes the visual language of film and the medium’s role in representing culture since its emergence in the twentieth century. The core courses in the curriculum highlight the particular ways in which film engages its content, the varieties of interpretive elements and strategies that film entails, and the relationship between the historical development of the medium and the histories of the cultures in which it is embedded. Advanced elective courses range from interdisciplinary courses in History, Philosophy, Literature, and Gender studies as well as on topics related to particular cinematic themes and genres.


Students will earn the Film Studies minor with a GPA of 2.5 in all eligible FILM courses; only grades of C- or higher will count toward the minor. Students must take at least one FILM course at the 300-level to earn the minor. Transfer students must complete at least three FILM courses at Roosevelt, and one of those three courses must be at the 300-level.


Students must take FILM 201 and FILM 205. After completing these two courses, students may choose an additional four courses from among a wide array of courses cross-listed between a range of departments, including Philosophy, Literature and Languages, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Creative Writing, among others. Students pursuing these films studies courses should register for them under the FILM designation. Since many of these are topics courses, it is possible to take the same course number (e.g. FILM 363) more than once, as long as the topic is different in each instance.

Sample special topics courses include:

  • Comics and Film
  • Chicago in Film
  • American Road Novels and Films
  • Gender and Film Noir
  • Monster Movies
  • History and Film
  • Hitchcock
  • The Art of the Documentary
  • Shakespeare and Film

Core courses

  FILM 201 Fundamentals of Film Studies .....3
  FILM 205 Film History .....3


  FILM 221 Introduction to Media Production .....3
  FILM 253 Screenwriting .....3
  FILM 340 Topic in Film Genre .....3
  FILM 341 Topic: Film Theme or Period .....3
  FILM 350 Special Topics in Film Theme or Genre .....3
  FILM 360 Topic in Film by a Single Author/Auteur .....3
  FILM 362 Special Topics: Seminar in a Single Filmmaker .....3