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Finance, BSBA


These programs have been designed to offer students the opportunity to major in both traditional and emerging financial fields. Course offerings give students a broad exposure to contemporary issues in the financial world. Courses in finance have been designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Teach the concepts and skills necessary to provide funds for a business and to control, plan, and evaluate the flow of funds through the enterprise.
  • Provide advanced education in business finance to those seeking employment in corporate finance, banking, securities exchanges, and personal financial planning.


Six courses (18 s.h.) in finance and related fields must be completed with grades of C- or higher for the major in finance (with a minimum average of 2.00). A minimum grade of C- is required for FIN 311.

  FIN 301 Money and Banking .....3
  FIN 312 Corporate Finance .....3
  FIN 321 Investments .....3
One of the following courses:
  FIN 354 International Finance .....3
  FIN 383 Financial Markets & Institutions .....3
  FIN 385 Business Problems in Finance .....3
  FIN 387 Derivative Securities .....3


  Two Finance electives at the 300 level .....6
Two electives in finance (excluding Fin 311) or chosen from the following:
  ACCT 304 Intermediate Accounting I .....3
  ACCT 305 Intermediate Accounting II .....3
  ACCT 307 Income Tax Law and Procedure .....3
  ECON 323 Price Theory .....3
  ECON 338 Money and the Economy .....3
  ECON 377 International Finance and Balance Payments .....3
  MATH 269 Theory of Interest .....3

Other courses may be substituted with prior written consent.

General Education Requirements

For students entering with less than 30 semester hours

General Education Requirements

  One Natural Science course (excluding mathematics and computer science) .....3
  One non-business elective .....3
  Two courses in Fine Arts and/or Humanities .....6
  Two courses in Social and Behavioral sciences (excluding ECON 102, ECON 102, ECON 234, and PSYC 200) .....6
  ACP 101 First Year Seminar (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  ACP 110 Primary Texts .....3
  ACP 250 Grounds for Change .....3
  ECON 101 Principles of Economics I (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  ECON 102 Principles of Economics II (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  ECON 234 Elementary Statistics* (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  MATH 116 Finite Math* (grade of C- or better required in one of the two required Math courses) .....3
  MATH 121 College Algebra* (grade of C- or better required in one of the two required Math courses) .....3

University Writing Requirement

  Other courses, if necessary, to complete the University Writing Requirement .....3
  ENG 101 Composition I: Critical Reading and Writing (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  ENG 102 Composition II: Intro to Academic Research (grade of C- or better required) .....3

* Higher-level mathematics may be substituted for MATH 116 and 121 with permission. ECON 234 may be replaced by MATH 217.

Mathematical Preparation

Quantitative skills are critical for the academic study of business. This is especially true for accounting and finance majors. For all students, required business classes such as FIN 311 and MGMT 300 are mathematically based. In order to complete the degree on a timely basis, students are required to take mathematical requirements (MATH 116, MATH 121, ECON 234, and any developmental courses required by the RUA) in the first semester and in each following semester until these requirements are completed.

Students entering with 30 to 89 semester hours

All requirements listed above for students entering with less than 30 semester hours must be completed by students entering with 30 to 89 hours with the exception of ACP 101 and ACP 110. These courses are replaced by 6 s.h. of non-business electives.

Students entering with 90 semester hours or more

All requirements listed above for students entering with less than 30 semester hours must be completed by students entering with 90 or more semester hours with the exception of ACP 101, ACP 110, and the Roosevelt Grounds for Change course. These courses are replaced by 9 s.h. of non-business electives.

Business Requirements


All freshmen/sophomore business requirements must be completed with grades of C- or higher. A 300-level business elective is substituted for the international perspective course if an international course is in the major. MGMT 380 must be taken at Roosevelt and passed with a grade of C- or higher. One grade of D may be used in the remaining junior/senior core courses unless a C- is specifically required as a prerequisite or by the major.

Freshman/Sophomore Requirements

  ACCT 210 Introduction to Accounting I (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  ACCT 211 Introduction to Accounting II (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  BLAW 201 Business Law I (grade of C- or better required) .....3

International Perspective (choose one)

  ACCT 337 International Accounting -OR- .....3
  FIN 354 International Finance -OR- .....3
  MGMT 360 Survey of International Business -OR- .....3
  MKTG 362 International Marketing Strategies .....3

Junior/Senior Requirements

  BADM 304 Business and Society -OR- MGMT 308 .....3
  FIN 311 Business Finance (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  INFS 330 Management Information Systems .....3
  MGMT 300 Operations Management (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  MGMT 308 Ethical Leadership and Corporate Responsibility -OR- BADM 304 .....3
  MGMT 358 Behavioral Science and Organization Theory (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  MGMT 380 Business Policy and Strategy (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  MKTG 302 Principles of Marketing (grade of C- or better required) .....3
Communications Requirement (choose one)
  BADM 100 Discovering Entrepreneurship -OR- .....3
  BADM 102 Contemporary Issues in Business -OR- .....3
  BCOM 301 Business Communications .....3


  Business or Non-Business Electives .....18
  General Business Requirements .....36
  General Education Requirements .....48
  Major Requirements - minimum of .....18
  Total Minimum credit hours for BSBA (including general education requirements) .....120

Course Scheduling

Heller College of Business recommends that students use the schedule below as a guideline for the sequential completion of all University, College, and course requirements. The best course of action is to meet with your academic advisor every semester. Business students must complete all freshman and sophomore prerequisites before enrolling in advanced business courses. Students should start course work in their majors after completing 60 semester hours. Those who are undecided about their majors should consult an advisor in the Heller College of Business regarding course selection. Students seeking an interdisciplinary major should consult the assistant dean for undergraduate business studies.

Students should complete all of the requirements listed below within the first 60 semester hours:

  • University Writing Requirement
  • ENG 101 - Introduction to Composition
  • ENG 102 - Argumentation, Analysis, Research
  • Other courses, if necessary, to complete UWR
  • ACP 101-110, Academic Communities of Practice
  • ACCT 210-211 - Introduction to Accounting I-II
  • ECON 101-102 - Principles of Economics I-II
  • MATH 116 - Finite Mathematics
  • MATH 121 - College Algebra
  • BLAW/ACCT 201 - Business Law I
  • ECON 234 - Elementary Statistics (or MATH 217 or PSYC 200 with permission)
  • Grounds for Change course

Students should fulfill the requirements listed below after they have completed 60 semester hours:

  • BCOM 301 - Business Communications
  • or BADM 100 - Discovering Entrepreneurship or BADM 102 - Contemporary Issues in Business
  • BADM 304 - Business and Society
  • or MGMT 308 - Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • INFS 330 - Management Information Systems
  • International Perspective (MGMT 360, ACCT 337, FIN 354, or MKTG 362)*
  • FIN 311 - Business Finance
  • MGMT 300 - Operations Management
  • MGMT 358 - Behavioral Science and Organization Theory
  • MKTG 302 - Principles of Marketing
  • MGMT 380 - Business Policy and Strategy must be taken at Roosevelt, preferably in the final semester prior to graduation.
  • All remaining major, required, and elective courses

*If a student completes an international course in his/her major (such as ACCT 337 for an accounting major), that course counts in the major and an upper-level business elective is substituted in the core requirements.

The last 30 hours of coursework must be completed at Roosevelt University.