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Business, BPS

Offered in: CHICAGO

The Bachelor of Professional Studies with a major in Business provides students with a solid foundation in general business, preparing them for graduate study, professional development and career advancement.

In addition to the unique general education curriculum specific to the BPS program, this degree offers a comprehensive business core as well as a broad selection of “functional areas”. These functional areas include all of the major areas of study from Business (Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship), while also permitting the selection of professional programs such as Hospitality and Tourism Management, Organizational Leadership, Paralegal Studies and Sustainability Studies.

As with any of our majors, students will demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking, reading, writing, and research skills via their general education coursework.


Business Core Requirements

  • All freshman/sophomore business requirements must be completed with grades of C- or higher.
  • A 300-level business elective is substituted for the international perspective course if an international course is in the functional area.
  • MGMT 380 must be taken at Roosevelt and passed with a grade of C- or higher.
  • One grade of D may be used in the remaining junior/senior core courses unless a C- is specifically required by the major.


Functional Area

Eighteen semester hours are required in one functional area. The functional areas are: Accounting; Finance; Hospitality & Tourism Management; Human Resource Management; Management; Marketing; Organizational Leadership; Paralegal Studies; Social Entrepreneurship; Sustainability Studies.

* Higher-level mathematics may be substituted for MATH 116 and 121 with permission. ECON 234 may be replaced by MATH 217.


1. Introductory Courses

  ECON 101 Principles of Economics I (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  ECON 102 Principles of Economics II (grade of C- or better required) .....3
  ECON 234 Elementary Statistics* .....3
  MATH 116 Finite Mathematics* (grade of C- or better) .....3
  MATH 121 College Algebra* .....3
  MATH 96 (if required by RUA) .....

2. University Writing Requirement

Other courses may be necessary to complete the University Writing Requirement
  ENG 101 Introduction to Composition (grade of C- or better required) .....

2. University Writing Requirement

  ENG 102 Argument, Analysis, Research (grade of C- or better) .....3

3. Freshman/Sophomore Requirements

  ACCT 210 Introduction to Accounting I .....3
  ACCT 211 Introduction to Accounting II .....3
  BLAW 201 Business Law I .....3

4. Junior/Senior Requirements

  BADM 301 Business Communications .....3
  BADM 304 Business and Society .....3
  FIN 311 Business Finance .....3
  INFS 330 Management Information Systems .....3
  MGMT 300 Operations Management .....3
  MGMT 308 Ethical Leadership and Corporate Responsibility .....3
  MGMT 358 Behavioral Science and Organization Theory .....3
  MGMT 380 Business Policy and Strategy .....3
  MKTG 302 Principles of Marketing .....3

5. International Perspective

  ACCT 337 International Accounting OR .....3
  FIN 354 International Financial Analysis -OR- .....3
  MGMT 360 Survey of International Business -OR- .....3
  MKTG 362 International Marketing Strategies .....3

Core Curriculum

BPS degrees replace traditional general education courses and electives with an innovative Core Curriculum, consisting of interdisciplinary seminars and a Senior Thesis research project. These seminars, designed for adult students, reduce the time required to complete degree requirements. Courses in the BPS core are designated with the PLS prefix (Professional and Liberal Studies). The BPS Core Curriculum includes:

Introductory Seminars

  MATH 095 Developmental Mathematics .....
  MATH 110 Quantitative Reasoning or PLS 290 (see below) .....3
  PLS 201 Pro-Seminar in Critical Skills (for students with <60h of transfer credit) - OR PLS 302 (see below) .....6
  PLS 290 Seminar in Technological and Quantitative Literacy -OR- Math 110 Quantitative Reasoning .....3
  PLS 302 Methods of Critical Reasoning (for students with >60h transfer credit or AA/AS degree) .....3

Senior Seminars

  PLS 390 Seminar in the Social Sciences .....6
  PLS 391 Seminar in the Natural Sciences .....6
  PLS 392 Seminar in the Humanities .....6
  PLS 399 Senior Thesis .....3

University Writing Requirement

  Roosevelt University Assessment placement test to determine if additional courses are required .....
  ENG 101 Introduction to Composition .....3
  ENG 102 Argument, Analysis, Research .....3

Senior Seminars