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General Business Minor (for Non-Business Majors)


A business minor is available to students from the other colleges of Roosevelt University. The requirements are seven courses in business, including four required courses and three upper-level business courses approved by the student’s advisor. A student may choose courses from different business areas such as Mgmt 358, Mktg 302, and Fin 311, or a more specialized business minor in an area such as accounting, finance, human resource management, management, marketing, or the International Business minor. Students must complete all prerequisites for courses in their chosen minor areas, including junior standing for 300-level courses. At least three courses in the minor must be taken at Roosevelt University.

  Three upper-level business electives .....9
  ACCT 210 Introduction to Accounting I .....3
  ACCT 211 Introduction to Accounting II .....3
  ECON 101 Principles of Economics I .....3
  ECON 102 Principles of Economics II .....3